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60s hair and makeup - Brigdet Bardot fringes everywhere. And 80s relaxed fit big blazers with shorts

by Louise

Its all over the place 60s, 70s, 80s. Most fashion chains seem to have a fairy definate approach to one theme or another - its less age specific and more a style.

Seems like you can shop anywhere these days regardless of your age.

That lovely dark bright red is going to be big and turquoise and a mid sapphire blue. Expensive creamy colours are all around too. The shops are trying to push yellow, mustard, brown and orange but they won't catch on. They just don't suit most people. Yellows nice but unless you're really skinny...

Think our market may see more dark metalics - but unfortunely they only suit that dark olive skinned colouring. On everyone else they are just too aging. The lighter metalics in vanilla and pale peachy rusts are beautiful and may be more popular.

Love clutches - they seem to be in lots of shops but don't see many people during the day in Sydney with them. Perhaps they're an evening thing. Think they will catch on more if the 70s thing takes off.

Opaque tights will continue to be huge - you'll see more colours like bright blue - as for me, I've never stopped wearing them.

And long boots of course, but in blue suede -not too light and not too dark - you can wear them with jeans or a dressed up black number for work. Hard to find though.

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Style Direction -- What Style Direction?
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Hi Louise, thank you for sharing your trend observations and preferences.

As you've also noticed, it's hard to spot just one style direction. It's more about finding the looks you love and weaving elements of those looks into your outfits.

Those of us with a warm skin undertone are well catered for this season. I'm loving those russets and oranges! However, you are right, those warm temperatures don't suit everyone.

With yellows there is a shade that works for everyone, but it can be hard to wear as a standalone colour because of the low contrast level it creates with paler skin tones.

Good luck with finding those long, blue suede boots!

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