appropriate clothing for son's wedding

appropriate clothing for son's wedding

by kerry

Hi jane my son is getting married in july and i am not sure what is appropriate for the grooms mother to wear

The wedding ceremony will be in the morning and the reception will be a formal lunch any advice on style, colours, fabrics would be appreciated
thank you


Jane's answer... Hi Kerry. What’s appropriate for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom is a question that challenges many women! As part of the bridal party you will have more attention on you than you might have on a day-to-day basis, and although you obviously won’t be the center of attention, you want to do your offspring proud and feel good about yourself!

My main advice is...

  • Wear something that suits your colouring, body shape, personality and is appropriate for the time of day and formality level (see the ‘Style Steps’ box on the right)

  • Avoid white and black

  • Don’t compete with the bride!

  • Don’t clash with the bridesmaids and don’t wear the same colour as them either

  • Avoid matronly styles!

  • Choose a contemporary style and length!

Formal attire

Formal clothes are characterized by being tailored and are usually made of firm fabrics for daytime and dressy or embellished fabrics for evening.

Since it’s a formal daytime wedding I suggest that a dress or skirt that’s around knee length will be most appropriate. Choose a medium-light to medium colour. Since July in Melbourne is cold a dressy jacket, or dressy coat, will be appropriate. Perhaps consider a jacket or top with ¾ length sleeves. Try and find out how warm the reception venue will be to work out the level of covering you’ll need.

Style ideas for mother of the groom outfits

This website may give you some ideas for styles: Vicky Mar Mother of the Bride.

For more ideas, try googling "Mother of the Bride".

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I recommend the Occasion Magic ebook to learn more about dressing for all types of occasions.

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