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How to Improve
Your Relationship to Clothes Shopping

Conscious Shopping Mini-Course Review

6 Week Conscious Clothes Shopping Mini Course

The Problem: Clothes shopping without a purpose
(or for the wrong purpose)

As women we have a much wider choice of clothes to wear than men. This is both good and bad. It's good because it gives us choices. It's bad because it can be very easy to get it very wrong!;

It also means you will most likely need several different categories of clothes. This will be dependent on how many different lifestyle activities you have and how different your clothing needs are for each type of activity. I think of this as different clothing capsules, or mix and match wardrobes, that make up your overall wardrobe.

Over time, as you tried to find clothes to suit you, you may have picked up some poor shopping habits. In the worst case these habits may have turned into a shopping addiction, a way to satisfy emotional needs. At the other extreme, you may have developed a hate of shopping that means you avoid looking for new clothes until you absolutely need to do.

The Solution: Take control of your shopping (and your spending)

What you may not have realized is that good shopping is a skill. It can, and should, be mastered! Reasons for developing this skill include:

  • Saving money -- by only buying items you need, love and use
  • Saving time -- as you learn how to shop well you'll find you can spend less time doing it. Time better spent with your family, friends and living
  • Building a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle -- ensuring you always have something flattering and appropriate wear

Another reason for an unhealthy shopping habit is when shopping is used to satisfy one or more emotional need.

The Conscious Shopping Mini-Course by Jill Chivers is designed to help you understand your relationship to shopping and to help you develop healthy, intentional behavior when shopping for clothes and accessories.

About Jill Chivers

Jill is well qualified to deliver this course. After a major lifestyle change, she realized she'd become a shopaholic and undertook a year without clothes shopping to understand and change that behavior.

Her experience, training and quallifications include: many years working as a corporate trainer; she has an MBA; she is a board member of the Association of Psychological Type International; and she has trained as an image consultant.

Who is the course for?

The course is for women who want to improve their relationship to clothes shopping. It is especially good for women who shop too much. Although, the same principles apply to women who shop too infrequently too. If you don't update your wardrobe on a regular basis you are more likely to shop in desperation and more likely to end up buying things you don't like, you don't wear and that don't go with anything else in your wardrobe.

Change is a process

To change a behavior you need to practice doing things differently until you've replaced the unhealthy behavior with a healthy one and created new habits. What I like about Jill's course is the way she makes it easy for you to get started by practicing small changes to your behavior that build into big changes.

The course content

In the course Jill breaks down poor shopping habits into 6 aspects: emotional; practical; self esteem; financial; organizational; and shopping skills . She encourages you to explore your behavior in each of these aspects. Then she provides exercises that make it easy for you to practice healthy behavior for each aspect.

The course is delivered via email over 6 weeks -- 1 week for each behavior aspect, with 2 lessons on each behavior. This format gives you time to practice changing each behavior. There's also an initial lesson to set the context of the course and a final email to wrap it up and explain how to continue practicing conscious shopping.

Jill writes in an easy to read, informative and entertaining style. She knows what she's talking about and the course is well structured.

The Result: Buy less. Wear more.

When I look at each topic in isolation I realize I have covered most aspects of the course here on my website. However, the angle Jill approaches it from, the connections she makes between the topics, and the way she encourages self discovery and action are what make this course unique.

When you've completed it you should be well on your way to becoming a conscious clothes shopper.

> Find out more and sign up for the conscious shopping mini-course

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