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Spring & Summer Fashion Trends 2012/2013
Australia & the Southern Hemisphere

The Main New Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

This season the main new trend is prints. Patterns, together with colour are adding a vibrant way to step into Spring!

You'll find prints in dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, jackets and accessories. The prints include: Aztec and tribal inspired prints, florals, nature inspired prints, computer generated patterns, scarf prints and horizontal stripes. There are still some animal prints around, but they're in the minority this season.

Continuing in the vein of combining very different fabrics within a garment, and combining 'out there' colours, combining prints is the latest fashion forward trend. You'll find patterns combined for you within the construction of a garment, or, if you're creative and bold, you can combine different prints yourself within your outfit. Beware: it's very easy to get this wrong!

Colour is also a strong continuing trend. Especially coloured jeans and pants. You'll find many fresh, spring pastels, and also bright, jewel tones.

And the peplum is a strong design influence on tops, skirts, dresses and jackets. This style can help with creating the 'perfect' hourglass silhouette. However, it can also emphasise figure flaws around the waist and torso, so take care! This design element works best on those with vertical proportions of long legs and short body, with an hourglass or inverted triangle shape. It can works on other shapes too, just take notice of how full the peplum is, where it falls on your body and what aspects of your body it draws attention to.

Spring & Summer Fashion Trends: Main Style Elements


There are still many dress styles available. Lengths are mainly around knee length. There are also some full length choices for casual and smart casual. 

There's also a selection of 2 length dresses: shorter at the front and long at the back. Another variation is a diagonal hemline.

Add one of the new patterned dresses to your collection to up date your look this season. Or a dress with a peplum.

Since there's still a large variety of dresses, there's still a large selection of dress shapes available. This includes:

  • 50s-style hourglass shapes (although this style isn't quite a dominant as the last few seasons)
  • Wrap and pseudo-wrap dresses
  • Shift dresses 
  • Shirt dress styles

Pants and Trousers

Patterned pants, both slim full-length and capri styles are a fresh new look this season. These are mainly in medium-light pastels or clear, bright colours (with, or without patterns).

Obvious patterns (as opposed to subtle patterns) and lighter or brighter pants act as a low focal point. They are best if you are taller and have long legs or a balanced vertical body shape. However, if you like this look and want to try it anyway, try balancing the look with a statement necklace or a lighter, brighter top, to bring the attention back up to your face.


There's a bit more variation in skirt styles this season. These include:

  • Straight and slightly tapered styles
  • Tulip hemlines
  • Asymmetrical hemlines
  • Subtle A-line styles
  • Peplums
Lengths are still predominantly around knee length. You'll find the asymmetrical hemline trend in skirts as well, as well as the pattern and peplum trends.


There's still a wide range of jackets, including:

  • Peplum jackets
  • Blazers


  • Blouses and shirts -- especially in soft silks, soft cottons, and sheers. With long sleeves, or no sleeves. In 2 tone, prints, or Spring pastels


  • Sandals:

    Ankle straps are a prominent theme -- slim shapely legs and ankles are best for this trend. Or look for ankle straps that tone with your skin, to prevent your ankles and calves looking fatter and your legs shorter

  • Ballet flats and court shoes with a coloured toe cap (metallic or contrasting colour to the rest of the shoe)

  • Necklaces:

    Statement Aztec and tribal inspired necklaces in metal and acrylic 

Spring & Summer Fashion Trends: Main Fabric Trends

Fabric Types

Lace is a big trend again this season. You'll find it in tops and dresses.

Colour Trends

The colour trend continues, especially many variations of:

  • Oranges, corals and reds
  • Greens
  • Lemon yellows, bright sunshine yellows
  • White and beige
  • Black (as always!), especially black and white together

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