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New Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2012

spring and summer fashion trends 2012spring and summer fashion trends 2012spring and summer fashion trends 2012Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2012Photos by PR Photos

What I'm seeing online for spring and summer fashions this year (for America, UK and the northern hemisphere) is a huge range of choices in colors, patterns, themes and styles. 

I'm guessing this trend is here to stay. Influenced by fashion bloggers and social media, the trend is to creatively mix items into outfits that flatter your body shape, coloring and proportions and reflect your personality (and the occasion or activity). 

Or, at least, that's what your outfits should achieve! What it means is that it's more important than ever to gain some style knowledge (to learn more follow the links to related pages, below).

The good news about this trend is that with even a moderate amount of style knowledge it's possible to create a really great wardrobe of mix and match clothing that truly reflects who you are and how you want to be seen!

To me the stand-out style spring and summer fashion trends this season are...

  • Color! -- From bold to pastel. Cool based colors, neutral (equally cool and warm) based colors, and warm based colors. And white, as always at this time of year.

    So, take your pick. Find out what suits you best and make sure those colors are dominant near your face.

    The trend includes bold mixing of colors both by the designer, within a garment and in styling, within an outfit
  • A large selection of pattern styles and combinations. You'll find quirky vegetable prints and 50s Californian-inspired prints; graphic designs; dainty, feminine dots and florals; and tribal (American Indian, Aztec and African) inspired styles, to name a few!

    So, something to suit every personality! And again, another trend here is to mix prints either within an outfit, or (the safer option), in the garment

  • Mixing of fabrics within a garment is also a continuing trend that we started to see last season.

    At their best these styles help you create the optical illusion of the perfect hourglass figure (and that can't be bad!).

    At their worst they'll emphasize an area you want to minimize, so do take care and notice where the detailing occurs and its effect

  • Yin and yang styling continues -- mixing in a bit of feminine detailing into a man-styled outfit and vice versa
  • Midriffs return -- aagghh! With bra-style tops, worn with more modest full or straight around knee length skirts that sit on the waist

My main take-aways will be fun, colorful, and quirky. What will yours be?

Have you bought a great garment or accessory this season (or re-purposed an existing item)?

And/or do you have a burning desire to share your fashion observations?

Then please...

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Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2012:
Main Style Themes

As an illustration of the broad diversity available, style themes include...

  • Art deco inspired shapes and textures (that is 1920s/1930s inspired designs). This includes flapper style dresses; drop waists; architectural shapes -- especially with emphasis on the hips and shoulders (if you choose this style, check the structure gives you more of an hourglass shape than a pear shape!)
  • There are still a lot of 1950s inspired styles -- that is: hourglass silhouettes; soft feminine colors, textures and prints

  • Luxe sports -- based on sportswear, but in luxurious or high tech (such as wet suit material) fabrics

  • Glamour and luxury -- reflected in beautiful fabrics and bead, crystal and glittery embellishments

  • Underwater fantasy -- think of the textures (coral, seaweed), prints (fishy scenes), and colors (watery blues, coral colors, fish colors) you'd see underwater and imagine these in clothes!

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2012:
Main Style Elements


There's still a wide variety of dresses available (I was expecting to see less emphasis on dresses this season, but I'm glad to see that isn't the case).

Lengths are mainly longer: mostly around knee length; some midi lengths; some maxis.

Pants, Trousers and Shorts

  • Pants and trousers are still mainly skinny, straight, or tapered

  • Patterned pants and colored jeans are still in

  • Short lengths are mainly around mid-thigh or top of thigh


Zack, Great Plains, Topshop

There's more variety in skirts than there has been for a long while. The main lengths are around knee length and the midi length that falls between the widest part of your calf and your lower knee.

New trends include...

  • Pleats: especially pencil, and inverted pleats (these are stitched down at the top)

  • Wrap skirts: both real and pseudo wrap styles 

  • Patterned styles


There's a continuing trend to finish an outfit with a jacket: especially blazer styles, with almost 80s style power shoulders; 


  • Many more tops have sleeves of some description, which is good news for many of us

  • And there's a trend towards higher necklines, including 60s style turtle necks (strange for the warmer months, but perhaps that's a reflection of the variable weather patterns we've been seeing worldwide?)


  • Jewelry: statement necklaces and bangles are prominent (pardon the pun!)
  • Shoes: wedges, platform and ankle straps are key design elements; toes are still pointed or almond shape; heels are still high or flat; statement shoes in single bright colors, or multiple colors, and interesting textures and still in

New Spring and Summer Fashion Trends Reports

These are great sources for working out the new spring and summer fashion trends you will embrace for 2012, they give lots of photos of both the runway fashions, and what's in the shops...

Related Pages

When you understand some basic style "rules", as they apply to you, it means you can work out how to successfully break those rules, if you feel the need. I've written these articles to help you get started on your style journey, and to provide a point of reference for when you feel you're floundering or stuck in a rut...

Have A Current Fashion Trend You'd Like to Share?

If you've noticed a trend that I haven't mentioned feel free to share it here.

Or, if you'd like to talk about a current fashion that you love or hate (regardless of whether it's mentioned on this page already) this is the place to do it.

Tell us what it is about the item or outfit that you love or hate. For example...

  • Do you love the way it flatters your body shape?

  • Do you hate the way it looks on you, but love it when you see someone else wear the style?

And if you have a photo to upload to illustrate your observation that would be great.

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