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Trends, Really

by Tasi Zuriack
(Merida MX)

I think someone in the fashion world needs to get real. They come out with a plethora of combinations that often conflict and call them trends so someone will buy them.

None of it makes any sense. Much of what I see is in the OMG category. And the fashionistas, at least the younger ones, aren't any better than the designers. I saw a picture of a plus size blogger touting a mini-shirt that was skin tight and barely covered her butt, and she was saying how great she looked (NOT).

I have another friend that's a Sales Associate with Macys and she says that middle-aged women often go into the fitting room with 30+ pieces and then leave them - can't make up their mind or just decide the pieces are not good enough. I can believe that.

Let's just stop calling this stuff trends and just call it "stuff".

Throw the trends out the window and just buy for your body shape and color. Maybe we should have one day a week and call it "wild hair up your ...... day and wear any God-awful combination that you want because it makes you feel good.

Sorry to rant, Jane. Sometimes it gets all a little too much for a rational person.


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Why Its a Good Idea to Have an Idea of What Styles are Current
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Hi Tasi. Lovely to hear from you again. Looks as if at least 1 other reader agrees with your sentiments!

If I remember my style training correctly we have a French King in the 14th century (Charles V?) to thank for fashion trends! He told his courtiers to wear new outfits each season as a way to boost the French economy!

In a similar way the fashion industry of today uses each new season to introduce new trends and stimulate sales!

I love the way there's so much choice now-a-days. It makes it so much easier to put together a wardrobe that flatters your body shape, personality and lifestyle. However, it does make it more confusing if you don't know how to work out what suits you, or what's appropriate. (See my article "6 steps to savvy style" to get an overview of the elements of style).

You can (and should) ignore style trends that don't suit you. However, it is a good idea to remain contemporary. We use a person's appearance, including clothing, as a non-verbal indication of all manner of things about that person. If someone is too out of sync with contemporary clothing and styling trends they are seen as older than they are, old fashioned and out of touch (not a good impression to make for winning or keeping a job, for instance).

Trends Really
by: Anonymous

Absolutely agree! If you know what suits you and flatters your body shape, stick to it - especially if you're a middle aged woman. Sometimes they look like mutton dressed as lamb!

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