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Trousers for large thighs and smallish waist?

I am wondering what the right style of trousers would be for my shape. My waist is 35 inches, however the widest part of me is around the tops of my thighs at 49 inches, rather then my hips. I have an absolute nightmare trying on jeans and have very rarely tried on trousers because of the general unpleasantness of the event.

How can I buy trousers that can accommodate my thighs without making it either impossible to bend my legs, or impossibly gape-y at the top.

Jane's answer... Asking about the style of trousers that work for your shape is such a good question to ask (as opposed to where can I find...)!

Of course I don't know what your horizontal shape is, or your your vertical shape, or how tall you are and so on. However, from what you've described it sounds as if styles that would work for a triangle horizontal body shape would work for you, for your bottom half anyway.

For Large Thighs & Smallish Waist

Look for styles that:
  • Look curved between the waist and the hips. In jean terms this is often referred to as a curvy shape.

  • Have a rise that sits on the waist, or is at least a mid-rise

  • Are in a firm-ish fabric to skim over your thighs (or wear shape wear over your thighs). You don't want too much stretch (around 2% will work)

  • Are wide at the thigh -- there are now wider trouser styles available (after years of mainly skinny styles)

  • Have minimal detailing, especially between your waist and thigh. For example not a wide yolk (unless it will be covered by your tops), or pockets, or changes of colour, or buttons.

  • Are in plain, darker colors (black will work, but there are other dark colours, such as navy, that are equally as slimming). Patterns tend to bring attention to the area they're worn over and make it look larger

  • Are in matt fabrics (not sheen or shine)

  • Have straight or slightly tapered legs. You might also be able to wear wide leg styles, but only if you're not too short, and these will probably look best with at least a mid-height heel

  • Do not have a tie at the waist

When you're trying trousers on look for a good fit at the thighs. It is usually easy to adjust the waist of pants to fit. If you don't want to attempt this yourself I recommend you find a good alterations person and simply factor the price into the cost of the trousers.

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Small waist
by: Anonymous

Go for trousers that have an adjustable waist.

(In Australia & NZ) Crossroads for instance and City Chic I think do so.

That way you pull the waist tighter whilst leaving thigh area bigger.

Good luck I've always had same problem even when I was slim my waist didn't match

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