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Fall Winter Fashion 2012/2013

A key trend this season is luxurious looking embellishments, especially in the form of rich fabrics such as brocade, and embroidered fabrics.

Pants and trousers are a stronger trend than dresses this season. You'll find matching tailored pant suits in plain and patterned fabrics too. Although there are still a good selection of dresses around.

The peplum is also still available on tops, dresses and coats.

Layering: Skirt over Pants

Layering: Skirt over Pants by stylemakeover featuring a skater skirt

Layering is a bigger-than-ever styling trend -- and practical for autumn and winter too! The latest layering trends include skirts over pants and dresses -- the pants can be skinny or fuller; shirts under sweaters or over high neck finer knits. 

The key to getting layering right is to link your layers in some way. For example by color, size or texture. Also make sure the layers aren't too bulky and don't create too many color changes for your frame or silhouette.

Fall Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Elements

Pants, and Trousers

The silhouette is still predominantly skinny: skinny trousers and jeggings (there's often very little difference between the 2, except in the name -- the difference is perhaps more stretch in the jeggings); tapered trousers, often cropped as well.


Lengths are mainly around knee length, but some longer lengths too, especially above mid-calf. Look for patterned skirts as well as plain colors.

The main styles include:

  • Straight and pencil skirts are the main trend
  • Some fuller, skater style skirts too
  • Kilts -- knee and midi lengths

Jackets and Coats

There's a large choice of jackets and coats again this fashion season, including many statement styles. Styles include:

  • Over-sized 60s-style coats
  • Utility style quilted and puffer jackets and coats
  • Leather jackets, including biker styles
  • Military-inspired jackets and coats
  • Blazers in a wide variety of styles


  • Shirts and blouses
  • Chunky-knit sweaters
  • Turtle (or roll-neck) sweater


Accessories are a really good way to update your look without spending a fortune. The latest fall winter fashion accessory trends include:

  • Statement hats

  • Collars -- instead of a knecklace consider a beaded collar or fur collar. They come as separate accessory items, or as detachable garment collars

  • Scarves


Shoes and boots are still fun this season. Look for embellishments, color and texture.

  • Shoe boots and ankle boots remain popular
  • Riding boots -- popular in both ankle and full length styles

There's finally a large selection of low and medium heels in amongst the sky scrapers and flats! Styles include:

  • Brogues
  • Slipper-style flats

Fall Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Themes

  • Military -- army-style shorter jackets; epaulets, brass buttons, and frogging detailing in garments

  • Man styles -- look for: structured pant suits in bold colors or prints; crisp cotton shirts; dungarees; biker jackets; loose/wide-leg jeans 

  • Country -- chunky knits, quilted coats and jackets, tweed jackets, leather patches on knits and jackets, riding boots

  • 60s inspired big and boxy shapes

Fall Winter Fashion Trends: Main Fabric Trends

Fabric Types

  • Brocade

  • Lace and net -- includes thicker cotton lace and finer tulle

  • Leather -- in pants, skirts, jackets and tops. Used for a whole garment, or leather mixed with fabric for example skirts with a center panel of leather and side panels of fabric, or vice versa; jackets with leather body and fabric sleeves

  • Fur -- both faux and real fur

  • Wool

  • Velvet

  • Tapestry and embroidered fabrics
  • Corduroy

Fabric Prints and Textures

Texture is key to the looks this current fashion season.
  • Embellished -- with embroidery, beads, sequins, brocade, fur and studs
  • Leopard -- leopard prints are everywhere, in all garments and accessories
  • Florals
  • Checks -- including tartan and houndstooth
  • Oriental inspired prints
  • Mixed patterns in one outfit or in one garment -- this trend is great if you have a creative flair

Fabric Color Trends

  • Black
  • Winter white
  • Gold -- black and gold together (which work surprisingly well, especially when the gold is in a shiny material)
  • Navy
  • Berry shades of red, and purple
  • Grey

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