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Autumn & Winter Fashion Trends 2014
for Australia & NZ

Since denim is not really my thing, either in colour (blue) or comfort (jeans, unless they're Not Your Daughter's jeans or similar) I can tend to be a bit 'blind' to what's going on in this space.

However, even I can't miss the big range of colours and styles in jeans this Autumn/Winter fashion season. It's a trend that's been growing since the last season. It also includes other garments in denim such as shirts, coats, jackets, tops and dresses.

So, now is a great time to update your jeans and other denim staples. Even the bootcut has returned (great if you have fuller hips).

My personal favourite is the relaxed, boyfriend style (for example, third from left above). Although I'm still waiting to find the right colour (dark), length (full rather than cropped), non-distressed and comfortable (with stretch) pair for me!


The trend of a wide range of styles and colours also continues. Meaning it's easy to create a contemporary look that flatters your shape, colouring, personality, audience and purpose.

However, it does mean you need a good understanding of what that means for you.

Here on my website you'll find lots of articles and resources to help you. I suggest you start here.

If you'd like one-on-one assistance I'd love to help. Check out my services, or contact me and let me know what you'd like help with.

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Elements

Pants, and Trousers

  • Still many skinny styles
  • More slim straight styles -- including cropped at the ankle (beware this length unless you're tall and have long legs!)
  • Relaxed fit, tapered leg styles -- especially patterned styles
  • Some wider straight styles -- including tuxedo pants
  • A few fuller leg styles
Plus, see my comments on jeans in my introduction above.

Leather pants are still available. And pants with a combination of leather and a stretch fabric (more comfortable, I'd think).


There's finally a little more variety in skirt styles this season, if you search for them:

  • The main styles are still tapered or straight. An emerging style has split-hem. Coming to knee length or slightly longer

  • Another variation has an 'envelope' style -- a slight wrap with a pointy-edged hem
  • There are a few subtle A-line shapes starting to appear. Mainly knee length. Mainly soft flowing, or floaty fabrics

  • Some full A-line and skater styles. Above mid-calf length (that is, midi), around knee length and higher

  • And some trumpet, or fluted styles -- fitted at the hips, then flared around the knee region

There are still reports that the midi length is about to be the 'hottest' length, but I'm still not seeing much of that length in shops. Though there is a bit more of the below-knee length.


There's still a good range of dress and tunic styles around. Including a good range of dresses in patterned fabrics. Unexpected dress prints include black and white houndstooth checks and pinstripes.

The main styles are shifts, tunics and hourglass fit-and-flare shapes.

The main dress length is still around knee length, and some more midi styles (between mid-calf and knee)

Coats, Jackets, Cardigans & Vests


  • The classic trench
  • Wool coats in 60s boxy styles, as well as more fitted styles
  • Cloaks and ponchos
  • Anoraks and parkas -- in high-tech contemporary fabrics and styles


  • Classic denim jackets
  • Biker-style jackets in leather and fabric
  • Bomber jackets in fabric vs leather
  • Tuxedo-inspired styles
  • Blazers
  • Chanel-style knit jackets


  • There's still a good choice of drapey cardigans either with a straight hem, or a waterfall front -- in long and hip length styles

  • A new cardigan style is the 'coatigan' -- a snuggly cardi that's a cross between a coat and a cardigan

Vests & Waistcoats

I love vests and waistcoats, so I'm always on the hunt for different styles. There are a few around, but you do have to search a bit!


  • An emerging trend is stiff, boxy tops. Short sleeved. Long sleeved. Lengths include cropped at waist length as well as high-hip length

  • Crisp, man-style shirts, in white, but there are other colours around too. Wear under a round-necked sweater for contemporary styling

  • Cowl neck shells -- useful for laying and going from day to evening

Knits such as:

  • Polar/Turtle neck jumpers -- (I'm so pleased to see these return!)

  • Round-necked sweaters -- varieties include chunky cable knits; plain coloured fine-knit styles; patterned styles;



  • The most trendy toe style is pointed

  • Heels range from stiletto to blocky.

  • Ankle straps are still around -- this style is challenging for many of us to wear, making our ankles and calves look heavier than they need to. This also has the effect of making our legs look shorter. Worn under full-length trousers this isn't a problem.

    To minimise this unflattering effect choose ankle straps that are skin-toned and ideally the shoes will have a cross-bar (similar to Gatsby style shoes) adding a slimming vertical line, as well.


  • Ankle boots -- low-heeled and high-heeled

  • Full-length boots -- flat and low-heeled riding boots are particularly on-trend


The collar and bib-style statement necklaces are widely available. Great for dressing up a simple t-shirt or top. Or for using in the opening of shirt, or to fill a deeper scooped top or dress.

The gem-stone, or stone and metal look is still popular. And there's a good selection of medium and large chain link styles available as well, especially in gold-look metals.

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Themes

autumn winter fashion 2014 themes australia

Remember there's no need to adopt a theme wholesale. A few details can go a long way! (I know I need to remind myself of this as I put my outfits together!)

  • Minimal -- can be created using: 60s boxy shapes; simple designs and styling; minimal accessories; monotone colours or subtle tone on tone colours

  • Feminine -- think one or more of: pretty pastels; floaty fabrics; lace; pretty florals or patterns with dots or swirls; subtle A-line skirts; hourglass shape dresses; slim cropped pants; pretty cardigans

  • Man-style -- tuxedo jackets; tuxedo pants; tailored vests; black and white; patterns such as stripes (including pinstripes), checks (including tartan); boyfriend jeans; wider pants; blazers; crisp shirts; bigger suiting fabrics; leather; Oxford shoes and loafers

  • Bohemian or tribal -- represented by: fringing; clashing prints; bigger silhouettes; longer, full skirts; natural fabrics; rough textures
  • Sports-luxe -- high tech fabrics used in sport-wear-inspired shapes, such as skinny pants, jackets and tops, designed to be worn outside of the gym and exercise wear

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends: Main Fabric Trends

Fabric Types

The usual cooler weather fabrics such as various wools: crepe; suiting; coating; and felt. As well as:
  • Leather -- both real and imitation. Used in jackets; pants; skirts; and tops. Also used as panels with other fabrics

  • Denim -- in jeans; skirts; dresses; coats; jackets and shirts

  • Knits -- merino, cashmere, and wool jersey

Fabric Prints and Textures

  • Dots -- both polka-dots and larger
  • Stripes -- pinstripes and wider, vertical stripes; horizontal stripes
  • Checks -- including tartan and houndstooth
  • Graphic digital prints
  • Pop-art inspired prints
  • Florals of all kinds: Liberty-style, chintzy prints; bold florals; a touch of floral as a graphic accent on a dress for instance; stylised florals
  • Tropical prints (with or without flowers)
  • Snake skin-inspired prints
  • Animal skin-inspired prints -- especially leopard and zebra

Fabric Color Trends

Great winter neutrals include navy, dark grey, charcoal, and khaki as well as black. (I wonder when we'll see chocolate returning? You can find it if you search hard enough, Basler for instance, but there's still not much of this around!).

Black and white prints, or combined in one outfit, are also still on trend this season.

Add colour with:

winter fashion colour radiant orchidPantone Colour of the Year "Radiant Orchid"

  • Purple -- the Pantone colour of the year is Radiant Orchid and is also available in clothing. There is also a wide range of other purples, violets, berry-tones, powder pinks and pale peaches. There are clear, muted, dark, medim and light versions around, so something to suit everyone
  • Brighter blues such as cobalt

  • Reds and Orange

  • Some yellows

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