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Balanced and hourglass which style to go with.

by jane
(Norwich uk)

Balanced Hourglass Figure

Balanced Hourglass Figure

I am 5ft 4 have a balanced body and an hourglass shape, one says to elongate your shape the other says to define your waist but does that not cut me up in the middle i'm a bit confused as to which recommended styles to go for, i'd be very grateful for some guidance.

Jane's answer... Hi Jane. Good question! The trick is to elongate your torso and emphasize your waist at the same time! Ways to do this without appearing to cut you up in the middle include...

  • Monochrome outfits that are fitted or semi-fitted, to define your waist. This may be a dress, or pants (or a skirt) with a top in a similar color. Monochrome outfits are particularly good when you're shorter, because they give the illusion of being taller

  • Making sure you don't add too much bulk or a wide horizontal design element at the waist, which will make your torso appear shorter. The types of things to avoid are: a horizontal stripe of color at the waist; a wide belt at the waist in a lighter color than the outfit

  • Follow your best length guidelines for tops and make sure the garment follows your contours, especially at the waist

I hope this helps?

If you would like to know exactly what styles to wear, taking account of all your body proportions, I suggest you get a personalized Style ePortfolio.

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