Newsletter: Issue #107 May 2019
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Jane's Jottings

I'm writing this the day before I set out on my annual travels overseas! So, I've used my travel wardrobe as the topic this month. (Having completed this part of packing it means I'm feeling almost under control with pre-trip jitters too) :D .

Does packing for a trip stress you? Try using my process -- you'll end up taking less, having more outfits to wear, and be less stressed!

By the time you receive this Style Snippets I hope I'll have posted at least a few outfit photos from that travel wardrobe. Check out my posts on Instagram or Facebook.

This year as well as visiting the UK (to see Mum, other relatives and friends), hubby Kim will join me for a almost a month in Sicily. We're also visiting Malta for a few days.

The challenge is that the UK is likely to be rather cool (cooler than a Sydney winter), although hopefully there will be a few warmer days too. Sicily should be warm or even hot. Malta will be hot (high 20Cs/low 80Fs).  So I've packed items to layer as the weather requires. I hate being either too hot or too cold, so hopefully I've got the mix right!

Here's what I've packed:

I start the packing process about 1 week before I travel. I pull candidate items from my wardrobe and hang them on a free-standing clothing rack. All items are washed and ironed. Then 2-3 days before I travel I set aside time to try on clothes to check the outfits I think the items will make are actually pleasing to me. I make sure I consider footer wear and outer layers as well. As I go through this process I start to remove items that don't work as well as I thought, or as I make decisions between candidate items (for example, selecting 1 out of 3 pairs of candidate patterned pants).

For more help with travel packing see this article. If you're in Sydney I can help you in person with my travel packing service. (Please note: the links that place the Instagram pictures directly onto that page are currently broken -- I only noticed recently, so haven't had a chance to fix. However, you can still see the photos by following the link on that page to Instagram).

I'll be back at work on Monday 22nd July, but you can email me while I'm away.

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

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