Newsletter: Issue #111 November 2019
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Jane's Jottings

If you're a regular Style Snippets reader you may have wondered what happened to me last month?!

Well, our home renovation started and it's totally consuming me! It's taken us over 11 years to work out what to do and to find a builder we trust, who could help us within our budget. We're now 4 weeks in and just about to move out for a few weeks, to escape the dust and allow access to floors and walls for sanding and painting.

In case you're interested, we're moving an internal staircase, replacing the kitchen and main bathroom, and fixing up umpteen things (upstairs and downstairs) associated with the staircase move.

I've had to scale back on work to keep up with design, research and buying ready for the builders.

In the process I've had an epiphany: home design involves similar concepts to personal styling. With people I style for a mix of inside (personality and values) and out (appearance and lifestyle). Houses also need an outside (house and environment) and inside approach. Also incorporating personal and lifestyle preferences. And choosing style elements for a home is just like choosing style elements to suit people! The main difference is I'm not so familiar with the products available for homes (I'm learning fast)!

But, no, I'm not intending going into interior designing!

Before the renovation got into full swing, I was invited to be interviewed for Serge Dawson's first podcast. Serge Dawson is 'head shoey' of Warwick Dawson shoes. Warwick Dawson is a local shoe company with 5 stores in NSW, Australia (4 in Sydney, 1 in Newcastle). They supply stylish, comfortable shoes and accessories, mainly from Europe.

I had a fun couple of hours with Serge talking about our businesses and about women and style.

Click here to listen to the podcast. We talked about: the difference between an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist; how the right consultant can save you money; and how to know where to start, if you're fed up with the clothes you wear.

In case you missed it, I've included the information and link to my new fr_ee style mini-course (see below, it's not available to the general public yet). I've had lots of good feedback from it.

At the beginning of November I went to a niece's wedding, near Gerringong down on the south coast of NSW. It was a beautiful wedding. And I enjoyed wearing my successfully altered jumpsuit (and receiving many compliments on my outfit ;D).

The alterations included: shortening the hem; taking in the legs and hips; leaving the waist width; taking in at sides of top; shortening the self-tie belt. (Apologies for the poor quality of the before photo.) It really is worth getting clothes tailored, when needed, to fit your proportions! All these alterations only cost me $45.

I changed my pointed toe, stiletto heels for flatform wedges when I realised we'd be in the garden on grass. I also added a brick-red denim-style jacket in the evening when the temperature dropped.
Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

Fr_ee Style Mini-course

Understand your shape & how to dress to flatter your shape

If you struggle to put together outfits you like and you don't know what's not working.

If you hate shopping because you often can't find clothes that work for you so you either 'settle' for something that will do, or go home with nothing.

If you want to feel better in your clothes and outfit choices.

I recommend you go 'back to basics', starting with understanding your body shape and what clothing styles work best for your shape.

In this Dress Your Shape mini-course I show you how to easily work out (or confirm) your shape. How this is done might surprise you!

Then we'll look at examples of clothing and outfits that work for your shape.

When you have a good understanding of your best clothing shapes you'll be more likely to find clothes that work for you (and save frustration when you're shopping).

It will also be easier for you to create outfits you like on you (and to spot what's wrong with outfits you don't like)!

To get started click the button below. I'll send you 7 small lessons over 7 days.

Shop Your Wardrobe for the Holiday Season

Do you have a number of social events coming up this holiday season? Do you have outfits to wear for them? Rather than buying something new, first check your wardrobe for possible outfits. See if you can create new combinations with clothes and accessories you already own, so your clothes feel new again. You may simply need to update an outfit with a new pair of statement earrings, a new pair of shoes, or a belt.

If you find it challenging working out how to wear clothes in different combinations I'm here to help. For more information contact me. Or reply to this email and ask for help.

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