Newsletter: Issue #115 April 2020
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Jane's Jottings

What's going on with your hair now we've been in isolation for 5 or more weeks (dependent on where you live)?

I asked this question recently in the private Style Makeover Insiders Facebook group. From the responses I got the question clearly hit a chord! (You're welcome to click the link and join in the conversation. Please do take a moment to answer the 2 questions I ask so I can accept your request to join the group.)

I'm due a haircut at the end of next week and it looks as if my hairdresser is still working, if he is I think I will keep the appointment.

If you're wondering what to do when you need a cut or colour and can't see a hairdresser have a look below.

If you have decided this is a good opportunity to stop colouring your hair you may well find that the clothing colours that used to suit you don't work so well. If that's the case please know that I can help with an online virtual colour analysis using a tried and tested process I've been using for many years. For more details and to order click here.

If you'd like to learn more about colours here are 2 articles on my website:

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets

Yours in style

Jane's Jottings

Tips for hair that needs a cut or colour when you can't get one

Even though we're not going out knowing that your hair isn't looking it's best doesn't do anything for your well-being! And you might find you're doing a lot more video meetings for work, and to socialise. So, if you can't get to a hairdresser, or have one come to you it's good to do the best you can.

A fellow image consultant in Boston, MA, USA, Ginger Burr, recorded a virtual interview with her hairdresser recently.

As you'd probably expect a hairdresser to say, the advice is not to attempt cutting or colouring your own hair as it's easy to mess both up. However, she does give tips to get you through to your next cut and/or colour.

The tips I found particularly useful are:

For hair that needs cutting:
  • For short hair: try styling your hair differently. For example, curl it, or straighten in, or change the parting (to a different side, lower on the same side, or zig-zag). And try adding a hair accessory.
  • For curly hair: take a few strands and pin (with hair clips or bobby pins) to create lift and shape
  • For dry, frizzy hair: try leaving in your conditioner, or spray a solution of 50% conditioner and 50% water
  • For a fringe (bangs): style with a side parting and sweep the fringe/bangs to the side
For hair that needs a colour. Cover roots:
  • With a can of coloured hair spray, or eye shadow or eyebrow shadow or mascara
  • By creating volume and hiding roots
For both hair that needs cutting and hair that needs colouring you can play with head bands to cover roots and to create shape.

Head bands, turbans, and attractive hair clips are very much in fashion at the moment. However, if you don't happen to own a head band you can try making your own with a scarf or a fabric belt.

I tried this with a long, thin leopard print scarf that is almost invisible in my hair. It's comfortable to wear and allows me to create some lift and shape with my hair. I tied it in a similar way to what Lindsay describes at about 34 minutes in the video. The ends are simply twisted at the top to create the knot effect, then taken back on themselves and tied at the back of the head. (Please note in the photo below there's the top of a brown cane settee visible at the back of my head - it's not another hair accessory ;D)

scarf worn as headband

I've created a short video to show you how I tied the scarf. Click here to access.

> You can access the video recording here

(Tip: to speed the video up, click the cog-wheel settings icon and click on playback speed. I usually prefer 1.25 times of even 1.5 times.)

How to Create Confident Style

If you'd like to look more stylish and easily select stylish outfits to wear everyday, but don't know where to start check out the 6 steps to savvy style. (Hint: includes how to dress for your shape, your coloring, and your personality.)

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