Newsletter: Issue #084 January 2017
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Jane's Jottings

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year? I've been enjoying time with my husband and friends.

I'm fortunate enough to live in a lovely part of the world, an area of Sydney that people visit for holidays, so a 'staycation' is always welcomed at this time of year! And I'm still enjoying walking to the beach and swimming as often as my schedule, the tides and the weather allow!

Do you make new year resolutions? I no longer make resolutions as such, but I do take time to review and reflect on the previous year and plan for the year ahead.

You may notice that this newsletter has had a slight makeover? Some readers let me know that the table of contents links weren't working for them. And I've realized for a while that I need to make it easier to read on smart phones.

So, as part of my plan to tweak my online presence this year, I'm hoping this new format works better on all email systems and on a wider range of devices! Do let me know if you spot anything wrong (simply reply to this email)!

If you're planning on improving your style this year, but aren't sure where to start see below...

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

How to Create Confident Style

confident style

What's getting in the way of you achieving the kind of style you want?

Some of the reasons women tell me are:

  • they're lazy, or
  • they don't know how to dress their shape, or
  • they hate shopping because they can never find anything
Mostly though, I've come to realize the number one cause of these reasons, and many others, is a lack of knowledge. Most of us simply weren't taught how to dress stylishly and most of us weren't born with a sense of style.

The knowledge you need is twofold:

  1. Self knowledge. This includes:
    • your best colors
    • your body shape
    • your personal preferences and values
    • your lifestyle (what you need clothes for)
  2. Fashion knowledge of:
    • what suits all aspects of you
    • where to find the clothes and accessories that work for you
    • how to style clothes and accessories into flattering outfits
    • an understanding of what's contemporary (there's no need to be trendy, but ensuring you look current makes you look youthful)

When you have this knowledge and understand how you want to express yourself in your appearance with a bit of practice you'll find it easier to find clothing and accessories and to create the style you want.

To help make learning about style easier I've split it into 6 steps. You can read more about them here. And continue reading this newsletter for more about one of the fundamental aspects of style, dressing to flatter your shape...

Product & Service Updates

Dressing to Flatter Your Shape
Online Program Pilot

women's horizontal body shapes

Understanding your proportions and how to dress to flatter your proportions is one of the fundamentals of style.

Yet many women tell me they don't know how to dress to flatter their shape. This is particularly true after having children and again post menopause.

Even if you're intending to lose weight and get into a regular exercise routine, isn't it better to know how to feel good in your current body? Why be reminded, for instance, of how fat you feel, or how you hate your thighs, by wearing sizes or shapes that constantly remind you of that fact?!

When you understand your style guidelines and why they're important, it's easier to assess your outfits and make adjustments. It's also easier to break the rules, if you want to, yet still look great.

Since this is such an important aspect of creating style and confidence in how you look I'm excited to announce a second online pilot course/program. It will be updated based on feedback I received from the first pilot I ran last July, so I'm expecting it to achieve even better results for the participants this time.

Here's feedback from a couple of the participants on the results the last pilot achieved for them:

"I already feel more confident shopping for outfits, I just need more practice. I have already been into stores I've never been in before and don't feel intimidated by the assistants. I feel I am now better at explaining to them what I am looking for and getting them to help me."

"I'd say on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being a total frump, I started at a 3 and am now at least a 5 (and I've not even had time to do all the homework/auditing that I need to do), I would expect when I completed all the homework and auditing, I'd be a 7".

As with the last online pilot program my aim to to give you a good amount of interactive support, as well as useful lessons to take your look to a new level, in a supportive environment. Since I'll be giving very personalized support I will limit this pilot to a small group of women. However, since I will be working with a group I'll be able to offer this program at a very reasonable price.

For more details watch out for a special email from me next week. However, if you already know you're interested simply reply to this email and ask me for more information now by replying to this email.

In the meantime learn more about body shapes and dressing to create balance here.

>> For details of my all services click here

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