Newsletter: Issue #094 January 2018
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Jane's Jottings

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely festive season? I certainly did! I've enjoyed catching up with family and friends and getting into swimming again.

I'm now easing back into work, tackling some interesting style challenges for some new clients with very different life styles and clothing needs: one client is in the middle east and others are local.

However, the thing these (and all) clients have in common is the desire to be confident in their clothing choices. To look stylish and be appropriately dressed for every occasion. To ensure consistent results I use my 6 steps to savvy style with each client keeping her specific style objectives in mind. And you can too. Assess yourself on each style step to get started.

Do you make new year resolutions, or set intentions for the year ahead? This time of year always feels like a good time to pause, reflect and plan. Of course this can be done at any time, but the end of one year and the beginning of another feels like a good opportunity to start afresh!

If improving your style is something you'd like to do this year and you'd like my help you can work with me in several ways:

  • Do it with you: one-on-one consulting (in person or remotely/online) - contact me for an initial discussion
  • Guided tuition: in a small group (if you're in Sydney) - contact me to discuss what's possible
  • Self-paced tuition: take my self-paced online Style with Confidence course. See details here

Do remember, if you have a style question you'd like me to answer through my website, ask it here. Here's what I've answered so far.

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

More Jottings

The future of clothes shopping?

While doing research for some client shopping trips recently I notice yet another Australian store is about to disappear (Diana Ferrari, although it seems their shoe line will continue to be available online and through major department stores).

1000s of retail stores closed across the USA last year.

Here in Sydney I'm finding it increasingly challenging to find shops catering for specific lifestyle areas, such as evening wear, or formal business wear for women. It is still possible, but there's less choice.

Yes online shopping is an alternative. However, I know that I'm not alone in preferring to see the colours, feel fabrics, inspect construction quality, and try things on.

Sizes across and even within the same label are so inconsistent as to be only a very rough guide. Which is another challenge for online shopping. I've heard that some online shoppers counter this by ordering 2 different sizes, then returning the one that doesn't fit!

Everything in the retail environment is shifting at the moment. Interestingly, even though online shopping is sometimes blamed for the closures, I've just read an article that reports only 9.1% of total US retail sales in 2017 were online (according to research firm Statista). I suspect an over supply of stores may be part of the problem.

However, we're now used to a wide choice. So, perhaps more of us will explore online shopping to fill the gap as our favourite stores disappear?

It's certainly an option I'm exploring even with in-person clients (and is of course how I shop with clients who aren't near me).

So, I'm keeping an eye on developments in fashion technology, such as the 'virtual mirror' technology designed to take the guess work out of how the particular garment will fit. It has a way to go yet, but it is amazing what's already possible.

If you're on Facebook let me know what you think about online shopping here in our private Style Makeover Insiders group (request to join if you're not already a member). Or send me a comment by replying to this email.

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