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Jane's Jottings

I've been back home since mid-July. However, even though I was organised enough to get newsletters out while I was away, I missed last month and have only just made this month!

My trip was fabulous (but now seems like a long time ago). The temperatures in Sicily and Malta were higher than expected (high 20Cs and low 30Cs -- 82-90F), but my travel wardrobe still worked well. You can see many of my outfits here on Instagram.

I was amazed by how many women I saw wearing jumpsuits while I was away. Both in Europe and the UK. At night and even sightseers during the day. Teenagers through to women in the 70s. So, my question to you is: would you, do you, wear a jumpsuit? Below I share tips on what to look for to make a jumpsuit work for you.

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Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style
jumpsuit savvy

Have we Reached Peak Jumpsuit?

me in animal print jumpsuitWhen jumpsuits first started appearing in stores again a few years ago I thought "they're nice, but this trend won't last long". How wrong I was! Each year it seems more stores offer at least one style of jumpsuit and the offered styles keep increasing. The latest options include boiler-suits and other utility-inspired styles.

So, I now think jumpsuits will be around for a few more years. They can offer a great alternative to a dress to attend a wedding or other special occasion. Some styles can be dressed up for evening (add dressy shoes or sandals and jewellery), and dressed down for day (add sneakers and a trucker jacket). Other styles, such as dungarees and boiler-suits, are best worn as casual day wear.

Of course, you do need to get used to the slight inconvenience of having to pretty much get undressed to go to the toilet!

I first wore a jumpsuit in the 70s (postbox-red in a stiff cotton), bought to wear to a wedding. I loved it at the time, but didn't get another one until 2015, when I found this fun, comfortable, mixed animal-print one in Greece (photo above, though it's hard to tell from that photo that it is a jumpsuit).

Tips for choosing a flattering jumpsuit

  • Make sure the overall silhouette flatters your shape -- for me this means flowing through the waist
  • If there's a waistband make sure it hits your body at a slimming point. If you have a defined waist, the waistband should be at your waist
  • If you don't have a defined waist look for styles with a slightly dropped waist and blouson-effect for the top; or look for styles that flow through the waist
  • For prints, check the scale isn't too large (or too small) for your scale
  • Fluid fabrics can work better than stiff fabrics
  • If you prefer to cover your arms, look for sleeves, or consider wearing the jumpsuit over a shirt or tee-shirt
  • For skimpier top-styles consider what bra you'll wear. Buy a suitable one if you don't have one
  • If you have wide hips make sure pockets don't gape
  • Alter the leg-length if necessary. Cropped legs may need to be shortened to be more flattering on you. The more leg you show, the taller and slimmer you appear
  • If the legs are wide, wear with at least a small heel, or a platform and pointed toe
my new jumpsuitIn the UK I ignored all my style guidelines! I fell in love with and bought this jumpsuit from Mint Velvet.

The waist sits too high on me and makes my stomach feel huge! However, I love the fabric, the colour, the print and the style.

Soooo...I waited for it to come on sale and purchased a size too big. I'll have it tailored to work for me (or I may even tackle the alterations myself).

I'll leave the waist as it is (the larger size fits nicely), then alter the top (through the bust) and possibly the width of the legs. I'm intending to wear it to a wedding in November, possibly with a cream or ivory shirt underneath. And, if it's cool, a berry-coloured leather jacket as an outer layer.

I already have dressy, nude, pointed-toe shoes that will work perfectly.

I'll let you know if it works (with photos)!

Now your turn...tell me your jumpsuit thoughts here: Style Makeover Insiders

Time to Review Your Wardrobe

Now, at the change of season, is an ideal time to review your wardrobe. Take stock of your current lifestyle needs, what you have, what needs replacing, what needs adding. Keep your prioritised shopping list in-hand for when you go shopping!

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