Newsletter: Issue #110 September 2019
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Jane's Jottings

This month I'm excited to announce a new style resource for you!

I've been planning and thinking about this for most of this year. And now ta-da it's ready! I do hope you like it!

If you've read even a little of my website, or been getting my newsletters for a while, you'll know I have a '6 steps to savvy style' process.

It's an approach I've developed over the years of working with clients.

Initially I developed the process for myself. I needed a way to consistently create great style for clients, whatever their age, shape, colouring or style preferences. I found out early on that just meeting someone new and trying to shop for them without any prior knowledge of that person is simply too hit-and-miss!

Breaking down the style 'puzzle' into easy pieces that can be mastered individually, then built upon, is of course a great way to consistently get results. And it's also a great way to teach others how to do it for themselves.

The 3 steps that I think of as a person's style criteria are:

  1. Dressing to flatter your shape
  2. Understanding and wearing your best colours
  3. Dressing for your personality and values
Dressing for your shape or your colouring are the best places to start, because they address the fundamentals and give you style guidelines.

When you have a grasp of those areas and start looking at your personality and preferences you may choose to bend or ignore your guidelines. However, you'll then be able to do so with an understanding of what you're doing and how you can make your personal choices work for you.

So, the new resource is a fr_ee mini-course giving some easy ways to dress for your shape (see below).

As a Style Snippets reader you're the very first to have access to it. I do hope you like it and find it useful.

If you do take the course please do let me know (by replying to this email) if you spot any mistakes. Even though I've tested and edited and edited and tested I'm now so close to it I may have got something wrong!

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

Fr_ee Style Mini-course

Understand your shape & how to dress to flatter your shape

If you struggle to put together outfits you like and you don't know what's not working.

If you hate shopping because you often can't find clothes that work for you so you either 'settle' for something that will do, or go home with nothing.

If you want to feel better in your clothes and outfit choices.

I recommend you go 'back to basics', starting with understanding your body shape and what clothing styles work best for your shape.

In this Dress Your Shape mini-course I show you how to easily work out (or confirm) your shape. How this is done might surprise you!

Then we'll look at examples of clothing and outfits that work for your shape.

When you have a good understanding of your best clothing shapes you'll be more likely to find clothes that work for you (and save frustration when you're shopping).

It will also be easier for you to create outfits you like on you (and to spot what's wrong with outfits you don't like)!

To get started click the button below. I'll send you 7 small lessons over 7 days.

Time to Review Your Wardrobe

Now, at the change of season, is an ideal time to review your wardrobe. Take stock of your current lifestyle needs, what you have, what needs replacing, what needs adding. Keep your prioritised shopping list in-hand for when you go shopping!

If the thought of reviewing your wardrobe is overwhelming to you I'd love to help. For more information click here. Or reply to this email with your phone number and I'll contact you to schedule a consultation.

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