Newsletter: Issue #122 February 2021
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Jane's Jottings

Here in Sydney we've had a very wet summer. However, I've been making the most of warm, sunny days, when they happen. One of my favourite things to do is walk to our local rock pool and swim, followed by a coffee before walking home. Now at the end of summer, the water temperature is just perfect!

It does mean I can find it challenging working at my computer! If I'm not with a client, or working at Decjuba in Avalon Beach, on nice days the lure of a walk and a swim can often win!

Hubbie and I have also bought ourselves kayaks, so there's yet another reason not to work on nice days ;D.

However, I have just managed to get this newsletter out before the end of February!

This month's Style Snippets answers a reader's question about going gray and there's an update to another question about colour.

You might find the tips and discussions in those Q&As interesting even if you're not gray and you don't have 'winter' colouring.

Where ever you live, if you've been shopping for clothes, you'll have noticed that the fashion season has well and truly changed (so strange to be selling puffer jackets and shearling coats when it's still hot and humid)! So, next time, watch out for a trend update.
Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

How to Create Confident Style

If you'd like to look more stylish and easily select stylish outfits to wear everyday, but don't know where to start check out the 6 steps to savvy style. (Hint: includes how to dress for your shape, your coloring, and your personality.)

Your Questions Answered

You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or by replying to this email.

going grey

Q: I'm one of the many women who has decided to go natural gray with hair color during the pandemic, and I'm loving it! However, I've noticed that the colors I did wear don't all work with the new hair color. What colors are best for someone with silver-gray hair? - Mary

A: As we age it's not only our hair color that becomes grayer and cooler. Our skin and eyes also become cooler and lighter. And, as you've noticed, this affects the colors that look best on us.

Here are things to take notice of to find your best colors and possible examples of colors that will work for your silver-gray hair
Q: Is orange in the winter colour palette? - Linda, Canada

  There's an interesting new comment under this question originally asked by Linda. Look for the comment from 'Clear Winter' and my response above it.

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