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I'm currently sailing around the Greek islands! I have another week to go in Greece, then we're heading to Italy (Venice and the Cinque Terre) before heading back to Sydney mid July.

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My European Trip

I've now been traveling for 3.5 weeks of my 7 week vacation.

Of course I packed a week before I left!

This trip was more challenging than usual because of big differences in weather. The UK in May/June is very different to and Greece and Italy in June/July!

The activites I'll be doing in the different places will also be different to each other.

In the UK I mainly stayed with my parents in Wales. The whole trip was planned around my dad's 90th birthday at the beginning of June. Activites included visiting relatives and friends and walking in the country. My husband, Kim, joined me just in time for dad's small family birthday celebration at home. The weather is much like a Sydney winter. That is cool (maximums ranging from 14C to 20C) with some rain, but some sun as well.

In Greece we joined a friend on his boat (with 3 other people) and are sailing around the Greek islands. I'm hoping the weather will be mainly fine, warm and sunny and that swimming costumes, cover ups, shorts and tee shirts will be all that's needed!

In Italy we're visiting Venice and the Cinque Terre and intending to do lots of sight seeing and hiking.

The picture below represents my final clothes and accessories packing.

The reason I like to pack well before I leave is that I put out candidate items on a clothes rack and then edit the final selection by working out what mix-and-match combinations I have and putting back any duplicates or too many 'just in case' items. I also considered how often I'll wash clothes during the trip: every 5-7 days.

The main concern I had this trip was the temperature difference between the UK and continental Europe. By the time you're reading this you'll know whether I packed enough (or too many) warm clothes. I didn't want to take my heavy fleece, so I'm just hoping I had enough layering pieces to work on any particularly cold days.

I also have a rule for myself that I never take more than 3 pairs of shoes including the shoes I wear on the trip. Tricky when one pair is hiking boots!

You can see my travel outfit diary on my Facebook page if you'd like to follow along and see how successful my packing was!

For more on travel packing see this article on my website.

travel packing


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