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Travel Packing Tips for Traveling Light
- eBook Review

You need this ebook if you're female and...

travel packing tips

  • You get stressed when packing for a trip

  • You always pack way too much!

  • You often pack the wrong things

Review Summary: The Traveling Light ebook shows you exactly what to include in your travel wardrobe. It is a comprehensive guide for traveling light and includes many pictures showing examples of what to take for different types of travel and different trip lengths. It also includes check lists for the number and types of items to take and many practical tips for both packing and traveling.

I used to think I was pretty good at packing light, but since I've been following Imogen's recommendations I've become 100% better at packing!

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Learn How to Minimize Your Travel Wardrobe

Imogen Lamport tells us early in her Traveling Light ebook that she's a seasoned traveller. Even if she hadn't told us you can very quickly tell that it's true from the savvy travel packing tips and general traveling tips that she covers in her ebook.

You'll learn how to minimize your travel wardrobe. Plus she shares her image consulting knowledge and experience to show us how to put together a capsule wardrobe and how to choose the fabrics, colors and patterns that go together.

This 79 page illustrated ebook comprehensively covers travel packing for business and for pleasure, for the full range of weather conditions. It even covers packing for men, for babies and for children.

Imogen shows us how to only need carryon baggage when we travel by plane. Now that really is traveling light! And if you've ever had your baggage go astray (as I did once for an important business meeting), you can understand why this is a good plan.

Other topics include...

  • Using accessories to create different looks
  • How to minimize the toiletries you take
  • What bag to take
  • The different styles of packing, and
  • Stain removal tips

Traveling Light Test Drive

travel wardrobe

I've now used Imogen's travel packing tips for many of my own trips and also for helping clients. Here's a picture of the travel wardrobe I helped my friend (and fellow image consultant), Maria, come up with (it includes the clothes she wore on the plane). She was packing for 2 seminars, one in the US and one in Canada in May with an informal business meeting in LA in-between.

You can't really see the exact items in the photo. However, I hope you can see that she was indeed traveling light. I tried to convince her to take 1 less pair of shoes (I don't know yet if I succeeded). She took slightly more tops than Imogen suggests, at my recommendation. On a trip of over a week I prefer to be able to go 7 days without having to do laundry. The only time I might wear a top twice without washing it is if I've worn it for an evening out and it still smells fresh and looks clean.

What Maria wasn't wearing on the plane would have fitted into a medium sized carryon bag. However, she also wanted space for purchases while she was away, so she took a tote and a full-sized suitcase with wheels -- she'll certainly have plenty of space for new items!

For another travel wardrobe example see my summer travel wardrobe article.

Travel Packing Tips

These travel packing tips are my summary of what I've learned from Imogen's ebook. When I'm getting ready for a trip I keep these things in mind and refer to the Traveling Light ebook's check lists and picture examples...

  • Plan your travel packing well before you need to pack. This way you can make sure what you're planning to take is clean and in good repair, or if you need to buy something to complete your travel wardrobe you'll have time

  • Think about the activities you'll be doing while you're away and the likely weather and make sure you have items in your planned travel clothes that will work. It's always easiest when your trip is to 1 destination and the types of things you'll be doing are similar. It's more challenging if you're combining holidays such as an Asian beach holiday and a trip to Europe visiting cities and country. Layering is the key, together with being able to use items for multiple purposes -- think day to night, outdoor activity to casual, relaxing and nightwear.

    I always find minimizing the number of shoes to take to be the most challenging thing. They take up so much space and I seem to need so many different pairs! However, Imogen's tips and a bit of careful planning help to reduce and justify each pair taken

  • I start by laying out all the candidate items then I work through each item and see which other items it will work with and think about the activities I'll wear it for. I typically end up packing around 50% of the candidates

  • Be ruthless! Imogen says it. Other authors with travel packing tips advise it. And I whole heartedly agree. Whatever you do don't pack anything 'just in case'!

  • Follow Imogen's invaluable tip for continuously improving your travel packing and keep the list in your suitcase where it's the first thing you'll see when you pack for your next trip!

Travel Packing Tips -- The Bottom Line

There are so many good reasons for learning how to minimize your travel wardrobe and travel light. 2 of the top reasons for me are: being able to carry my own suitcase (I often travel alone); and having space and travel allowance to fit in purchases while I'm away.

Even if you're a seasoned traveller, I guarantee you'll pick up some invaluable tips from Imogen's ebook.

>> Learn more and purchase the Traveling Light ebook here

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