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Jane's Jottings

I missed producing a newsletter last month. It's only the 2nd time since I started Style Snippets (back in September 2009) that I've missed an issue!

What happened? My computer died (after 7 years of hard use). Usually I'd just use my husband's PC, but he's been waiting for the release of the new Microsoft PC, so we were down to being a one PC family.

At the same time I've been the busiest I've ever been with client consultations. Thank goodness I've still had my iPad to research shopping trips, take and share outfit photos and keep up with emails (though I find an iPad a bit cumbersome to use for anything much else).

An event like this reminds me how much I rely on technology -- in fact how did we ever live without PCs and the internet??!!

Luckily I have a reasonably recent backup. And I now have a nice, shiny new and fast PC (though it'll take a while to get used to Windows 10 and re-setup my environment). The new machine's arrived just in time to create this, October's, Style Snippets!

This month I explore what to wear in a number of very different situations: what's appropriate to wear in your work environment? and an answer to a reader's what to wear to flatter her body shape question.

And still on the theme of what to wear...I don't wish to stress you, but have you thought about what you'll wear to this year's festive season events (Christmas is only about 8 weeks away)? And here's a gift idea.

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Until next month, all the best


PS I always welcome your feedback, so please contact me with anything you'd like to see either on the website or in this newsletter (reply to this email or use the Contact Me link below).

What Will You Wear This Festive Season?


I know it may seem too far away to think about, but it really saves a lot of stress to identify the types of outfits you could wear to upcoming! If you think about it now you have time to do something about it if you find you need to buy some new things.

I'll be wearing the outfits in the pictures above: the fun animal print jump suit (on the left) for a Christmas Eve party and the stripey slip dress and a silky tee-shirt (on the right) for our casual Christmas day celebration at home with friends.

For more outfit ideas see this article from last year -- I'll still be wearing those outfits to social events this year too, but I'll mix it up by wearing them to different events.

If you'd like my help simply reply to this email. There are some wonderful clothes and accessories in the shops just now, so it's a good time to get your wardrobe sorted and to have one less thing to think about in December!

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Your Questions Answered

Each month I pick 1-3 questions I've been asked that I think other readers will be interested in and publish them here. You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or through my contact me form.

Q: What Not to Wear When Top Heavy and 65yrs Old? from Gloria of Derbyshire

A: Gloria says she has a large bust and thin legs and arms. I give her ideas for outfits that will create a balance between her torso and her limbs. Read my answer...


Product and Service Updates

The Gift of Style

gift voucher Style Makeover Gift

If you're looking for a meaningful, lasting gift for a relative or friend consider giving some form of style makeover gift voucher.

You do have to be a little careful with this -- think about whether the person would love some help with their image, or whether they will be offended that you think they need help!

Of course, if this is a gift you'd like for yourself do drop some heavy hints ;D (perhaps forward this newsletter?)!

I offer gift certificates for any of my image services (either in person here in Sydney, or any of my online services), for my "Your Personal Style Formula" ebook, and for the online MyPrivateStylist personalized style guide (and for the MenOfStyle online personalized style guide).

To order simply reply to this email and let me know which gift you'd like to give, or what amount you'd like the voucher for. I'll send you a PayPal payment request and ask for details of the person the gift is for (to create the voucher).

>> For details of all my services click here


New Style Articles

Understanding the Business Dress Code for Women

Is your business dress code business professional, or one of the business casual levels? And what does that mean exactly?

If you've ever felt disadvantaged by feeling you've got your outfit wrong for a business meeting, or an interview read this article.


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