Newsletter: Issue #071 November 2015

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Jane's Jottings

I'm sorry for the short notice, but if you live in Sydney and can get to Chatswood today (Thursday 12th November) at 12.30pm I'll be here. I'd love to see you there.

If you are on the shorter side you should enjoy my answer to this reader's question. In my answer I illustrate flowing colour up the body. Even if you're not short this is a useful strategy for looking slimmer!

It's not too late to review your wardrobe and get ready for the holiday season. And there are still a lot of great new clothes and accessories coming into the shops. Let me know if you'd like my help to save you time and to ensure you have stylish outfits to wear!

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Until next month, all the best


PS I always welcome your feedback, so please contact me with anything you'd like to see either on the website or in this newsletter (reply to this email or use the Contact Me link below).

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Your Questions Answered

Each month I pick 1-3 questions I've been asked that I think other readers will be interested in and publish them here. You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or through my contact me form.

Q: What kind of casual clothing should I be buying to suit my petite frame? from Tammy of South Portland, Maine, USA

A: If you are 5'4" (164cm) or less your clothing size is classified as petite. Apart from the challenges of finding clothing stores that suit a petite frame there are some specific styling strategies that will work best for petites. And make you look taller and slimmer. See my recomendations and outfit ideas


Product and Service Updates

Summer Styling Workshop with Blue Illusion

Blue Illusion Styling Workshop I've been having a good deal of success shopping for clients at Blue Illusion recently. It doesn't work for every client, but I've been both surprised and pleased with some of their current styles.

So I was both pleased and delighted when the lovely friendly and helpful manager of the Chatswood store, Diane, contacted me to ask if I'd attend their summer fashion show and styling event.

It's on today (Thursday 12th November) at 12.30pm. I'll be there for about an hour giving styling advice after their summer fashion show. I do hope you'll come and see me there.

See details here.

The Gift of Style

gift voucher Style Makeover Gift

If you're looking for a meaningful, lasting gift for a relative or friend consider giving some form of style makeover gift voucher.

You do have to be a little careful with this -- think about whether the person would love some help with their image, or whether they will be offended that you think they need help!

Of course, if this is a gift you'd like for yourself do drop some heavy hints ;D (perhaps forward this newsletter?)!

I offer gift certificates for any of my image services (either in person here in Sydney, or any of my online services), for my "Your Personal Style Formula" ebook, and for the online MyPrivateStylist personalized style guide (and for the MenOfStyle online personalized style guide).

To order simply reply to this email or phone me on 0403 747 199 and let me know which gift you'd like to give, or what amount you'd like the voucher for. I'll send you a PayPal payment request and ask for details of the person the gift is for (to create the voucher).

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