Newsletter: Issue #086 March 2017
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Style Snippets

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Jane's Jottings

This month I have the 2 new fashion trend articles ready for you (links below). I'm having fun using them to update both my wardrobe and those of my clients and I hope you will too.

I recommend you use the articles to first go shopping in your own wardrobe. See if you can look at what you have with fresh eyes. Look to create new outfit combinations using updated layering techniques -- particularly useful at this time of year (where ever you live) when the weather can be so variable, or unseasonably hot, cold, or wet.

On the topic of seeing your clothes in new ways: do you have an unsolved style mystery in your wardrobe? What's that? Well, if you have something in your wardrobe that you like, but never (or rarely) wear that's an "unsolved style mystery"! I'd love to help you solve it. Take a photo of the item and send it to me together with a photo of yourself and anything you'd like to tell me about the item. I'll answer the first few questions I receive on my website (sending the photos implies it's okay to post them on my website).

My second pilot style program, 'Dressing to Flatter Your Shape', officially finished on the 12th March (though hopefully the beneficial effects will last forever!). Judging from the results I've seen so far in our private forum and from the feedback I've received, this version, which I significantly simplified, was even more successful than the first version. Over the next few months I'll be working out how I'll be offering it on an ongoing basis. Later this year I'll also be trialing a new style program on discovering your style personality. Let me know if you're interested in this (reply to this email).

If you live in Sydney I hope you can make it to the next Meetup (see details below). If you live in Perth, Western Australia I'm visiting would you like a style consultation (see below)?

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

Product & Service Updates

Sydney Meetup
Women with Style on their Mind

women's horizontal body shapes

The next Sydney Meetup of "Women with Style on Their Mind" is at 7pm on Tuesday 11th April in Crows Nest. It's on one of my favourite topics -- Illusion Dressing.

I'll be sharing some secret techniques stylists and image consultants use to miraculously change a person's appearance using only the lines, designs and silhouettes of garments.

So if you'd like to look taller, shorter, slimmer or curvier set the date in your calendar, grab a friend (or five) and register today.

>> For details and to register click here

Perth, Western Australia Visit in May

I'm planning a trip to Perth in May. Possible dates are Monday 8th through Saturday 20th May.

If you live in or near Perth and would like to see me for an individual in-person style consultation, or if you'd like to organise a small group for a colour or style workshop, reply to this email with your phone number and I'll contact you to work out details.

>> For details of my all services click here

New Style Articles

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2017
Southern Hemisphere (Australia & NZ)

My take on cooler weather fashion trends.

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2017
Northern Hemisphere (US, UK, etc)

My take on the main spring and summer fashion trends.

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