Newsletter: Issue #090 August 2017
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Style Snippets

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Jane's Jottings

Would you be kind enough to give me some feedback? Last month I invited enrollment into my 'Style with Confidence' course. It's designed as an interactive online course for a small group of women over 40, to show you how to dress to flatter your shape and how to create stylish every day outfits. I was planning to run it this month.

However, it didn't quite get the response I expected (the invitations to join the 2 pilot courses both had excellent responses). So, I'm wondering, did I inadvertently send out the wrong message about what I'm doing?

Please share your thoughts with me by replying to this email. Either let me know via email what you heard from my messaging, or let me know you'd be open to a phone call from me to discuss.

This month:

  • I've answered a readers question
  • Created a free guide for finding your best hem lengths
  • Invite you to join my new private Facebook group of Style Makeover Insiders

See below, for details.

There won't be a Style Snippets next month as I'm away traveling. However, do look out for my travel wardrobe and outfit posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

Your Questions Answered

I answer questions I've been asked that I think other readers will be interested in and publish them here.

You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or by replying to this email.

Q: Is feminine style limited to small and short women? from Diana of Queensland, Australia

A: Diana has identified her style as feminine elegant. However, she keeps coming across articles online that say feminine women are supposed to be small and short. At 5' 7" Diana is definitely not short!

The good news is that feminine style isn't only for short women.

In my answer I clarify the meaning of feminine style, give examples of feminine style elements, and put together 3 feminine elegant outfit ideas. See my answer...

Product & Service Updates

Free style guide:
Discover your most flattering hem lengths

You have most likely heard of the importance of your horizontal body shape, when it comes to dressing to flatter your shape. However, what you may not realize is that your vertical proportions are just as important for creating your most flattering looks.

If an outfit has ever made you feel frumpy, or made you look older than you want to look, the fix might be as simple as adjusting your hemline.

In this free guide, for women over 40, I show you how to assess your vertical proportions, so you can learn your best hem lengths.

However, sometimes it's not as easy as choosing one of your best hem lengths. If you don't like any of your best lengths for whatever reason what can you do? In this free ebook I also show you ways to get less flattering lengths working for you, if you want to.

Become a Style Makeover Insider

You are invited to join my new free private Facebook community of Style Makeover Insiders.

The group is for women over 40 to share outfits, style challenges, and inspiration. I'll be giving styling ideas and encouraging sharing of where to buy great finds.

For example, if you're stuck on how to make an outfit more interesting. Take a photo of yourself in the outfit and ask for help. If someone else posts and you can see what the outfit needs, then make the suggestion.

Want to know if an outfit is appropriate for a particular occasion or event? Post a selfie of you in the outfit, explain a bit about the event and ask for help. Or ask for ideas of what to wear.

Looking for comfortable and stylish shoes? Let us know your foot challenges and ask for ideas. Found some great shoes? Let us know where and why they work for you.

Click here to join

How to Create Confident Style

If you'd like to look more stylish and easily select stylish outfits to wear everyday, but don't know where to start check out the 6 steps to savvy style. (Hint: includes how to dress for your shape, your coloring, and your personality.)

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