Newsletter: Issue #114 March 2020
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Jane's Jottings

Goodness, how life has changed in just a few surreal weeks!

I'm sure you're not thinking much about clothes and what you wear just now. However, did you know that what you choose to wear can help comfort and support you?

You may have noticed yourself reaching for a particular blouse, sweater, or other clothing item when you're feeling out-of-sorts or sad and in need of nurturing?

In (Fashion) Feng Shui terms it's the Earth element that helps you feel nurtured and grounded. In clothing terms the Earth element is delivered with:
clothes that nurture

  • Earthy colours such as browns, ochres and burnt muted yellows and oranges
  • Square shapes -- for example check patterns, boxy shaped clothing, square necklines
  • Fuzzy, slubby textures such as tweed, wool, and 'teddy-bear' fabrics
  • Classic clothing styles such as trench coats, wrap dresses, pleated skirts, straight pants, blazers
  • Home made items such as hand-knits

To inject some Earth energy into your clothing you don't need to combine all of these elements, within one outfit. Just adding an earth shape, or colour, texture or style will help. Even if these aren't colours or styles you usually go for you may find yourself attracted to them at the moment.

And, coincidentally, there are many Earth style elements in the new season's fashion trends as you'll see in my new season fashion trend articles below.

As I write, most physical clothing stores have announced they're closing their physical shops (makes sense) for now. A few have also closed their online stores (I guess their warehouse doesn't support physical distancing?).

However, even if you're not buying new clothes at the moment, I encourage you to look in your wardrobe and identify items that either add some Earth element to your outfit, or that feel as if they support and nurture you. I'm sure we could all do with some comfort in these unusual times!

If you'd like to share what you're noticing do so in the Style Makeover Insiders Facebook group. I hope I'll see you there.

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Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2020

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In my Spring Summer Fashion Trends roundup I've picked the most wearable styles and gone looking for examples in the main stream (mid-range) online stores. Here's what I found...

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How to Create Confident Style

If you'd like to look more stylish and easily select stylish outfits to wear everyday, but don't know where to start check out the 6 steps to savvy style. (Hint: includes how to dress for your shape, your coloring, and your personality.)

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