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Jane's Jottings


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This month I've had fun researching the new fashion seasons' trends for both the northern and southern hemispheres. Find out how to make best use of this information, even if you aren't a "dedicated follower of fashion" (to quote the British band The Kinks' 1966 song title).

Don't forget you can also let me know your style thoughts or share links to styles you like on my Style Makeover HQ facebook page, or at the bottom of any trend watch page.

I'm pleased to announce the release of the new Men of Style program!

I've answered another great reader question this month. Keep them coming!

Last month I promised you an update on progress of my ebook on discovering your personal style. Well, we are making progress, but I'll tell you more next month. We are looking for a few volunteers to provide reviews or testimonials about the ebook in return for a copy of the ebook. So do let me know if you're interested (reply to this email).

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Until next month, all the best


PS I always welcome your feedback, so please contact me with anything you'd like to see either on the website or in this newsletter (reply to this email or use the Contact Me link below).

Using Trend Information

Some of you dismiss the idea of following fashion trends, thinking it's too much bother, or only for teenagers.

There's certainly no need to be a slave to fashion, or to adopt a current trend if it doesn't suit your body shape or personality. However, it is important to be aware of the main trends if you are going to keep looking contemporary. One of the quickest ways to look older than you are is to keep wearing styles of a previous era.

That's the reason I create my trend watch articles at the 2 main changes of fashion season: spring/summer and autumn/winter.

Key elements to take note of are...

  • Contemporary lengths of both tops and bottoms
  • Current colors
  • Garment silhouettes
  • Accessories, especially eyeglasses and shoes

For example, the midi length (around mid-calf), has not been in fashion for a few years now. However, it is just beginning to make a comeback in the upcoming Spring and Summer season. 

To update your wardrobe assess your garments against the current looks and see if the way you've been wearing them is still contemporary. If not, see if you can make a garment contemporary by wearing it in a different way, for example with a scarf tied in a modern way or a new necklace, or simply by combining it with different items in your current wardrobe. Or can you alter it to make it work?

See my reports of the new season's trends: 

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Your Questions Answered

Each month I pick 1-3 questions I've been asked that I think other readers will be interested in and publish them here. You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or through my contact me form.

Q: What to wear as young mum? from Anna of Western Australia

A:  I give Anna some clues on how to start re-building her wardrobe now she has 2 young children.

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Product and Service Updates

Men of Style Program Released

I'm excited to announce the Men of Style program is now released! This is the men's equivalent of the highly successful women's estyle program. So, if there are any men in your life who could do with learning their style rules please do them a favor and let them know about this program! 

>> More about the Men of Style program

>> For details of all my services click here


New Style Articles

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2011

My observations of the main spring and summer fashion trends for 2011.

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Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2011
Australia and the Southern Hemisphere

My observations of the main autumn and winter fashion trends for 2011 in Australia, NZ and the southern hemisphere.

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