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Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2011
Australia & the Southern Hemisphere

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2011:
Main Style Elements


I'm pleased to see there is still a wide selection of dresses available. The main trend in lengths is still around knee length or above.

Styles include something to suit all body shapes and sizes...

  • Shift dresses
  • Tunic-style dresses
  • Hourglass shapes
  • Subtle A-line

Pants and Trousers

Shape trends include...

  • Skinny, or, the slightly less form-fitting, narrow legs
  • Wider straight styles -- these are flattering for most body shapes. If you have bigger hips or thighs choose drapey fabric and minimal, or no, side and front pockets
  • Tapered -- some with pleats
  • Cropped -- for the more fashion forward. The tapered shape is the most flattering for most women in this style, with the length coming just under the full calf
  • There are still a few pant suits around as well


  • Are still mainly straight and knee length or above
  • A new fashion trend this season is the introduction of the full length maxi skirt. Typically in a soft draping jersey

Vests, Jackets and Coats

Fur (both real and faux) vests are strong this season. There's also a selection of knit vests available including chunky knits and fine knits.

A wide variety of jackets are still in evidence this season. Styles include:
  • Aviator -- especially in leather with fleece trim (also called shearling)
  • Biker -- in leather and fabric
  • Blazer
  • Waterfall-style lapels

There's also a wide selection of coats, styles include...

  • Classic tailored, wool-style coats
  • Swing coats
  • Warm parkas and anouraks
  • Trench coats -- both classic and contemporary variations
  • Capes (cropped, waist length and full length).


  • Long-sleeved t-shirts and merino knits -- these are great basics for layering and are available in a wide range of colours
  • Blouses and shirts
  • Draped necklines
  • Knits -- including knee lengths cardigans or jacket-style cardigans as well as classic waist or hip length v-neck and crew neck styles


Shoes and Boots

Autumn and winter fashion trends include...

  • Flats, mid heels and high heels
  • Tapered stack heels and straight stack heels
  • Wedge shoe boots and ankle boots
  • Platforms
  • Pointed or almond toe shapes
  • Pump or court style shoes
  • Gladiator-style strapey styles
  • Riding boot styles, work boot-styles
  • Peep-toe shoes, shoe boots and ankle boots
  • Over the knee boots
  • Over-sized bags and totes are making way for smaller shoulder bags with hip and thigh length straps
  • "Bib"-style and chunky-style necklaces
  • Or try a fur or feather collar or stole as an alternative to a necklace
  • Long necklaces -- be aware of where the necklace "points" to. If it ends on your stomach and that isn't your best feature make your version of long at or just above your bust-line
  • Scarves are another great necklace alternative in the cooler months and are very much on trend again this season

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2011:
Main Style Themes

  • Military -- especially brass buttons and epaulets seen in jackets, coats and tops; and military colours such as khaki and camel
  • Feminine -- in the form of 50s-style shapes such as hourglass-shaped dresses; floral prints; soft draping fabrics; ruffles, folds and ruching; lace 
  • 70s -- seen in: extra wide legged trousers; wedged shoes and boots; platform shoes and boots

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends:
Main Fabric Trends

Fabric Types

  • Fur, feathers and sheepskin -- especially in trims and collars on jackets and coats. There's real fur (such as rabbit) and faux fur as well. Fur vests are a fun way to add warmth and interest to an outfit. Fur stoles and detachable collars are a great way to lift an outfit. And a fur coat or jacket
  • Leather -- especially in jackets. And in pants and skirts as well.
  • Wool -- jersey and knits; flannel
  • Tweed
  • Lace
  • Taffeta
  • Velvet

Fabric Prints

  • Animal -- especially leopard and some snake, zebra and tortoise shell. If animal print doesn't suit your personal style you could try it in a small measure such as a trim on an accessory
  • Florals
  • Stripes
  • Abstract

Fabric Colour Trends

  • Black
  • Greys -- including darker charcoals and medium-light greys
  • Inject colour to dark neutrals with shades of red and orange
  • Khakis and olives
  • Camel -- especially in coats and pants
  • Cobalt blues
  • Emerald greens
  • Light neutrals

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