Newsletter: Issue #089 July 2017
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Style Snippets

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Jane's Jottings

This month marks my 10th year as an image consultant and personal stylist! Goodness how time flies!

I've been busy getting ready for the next run of my online style course - details below.

And I've answered questions from 2 readers on dressing their body shapes.

We do tend to hibernate in the colder winter months, here in Australia. Come to think of it, I often avoid the coldest months, flying north to spend time with family and friends.

However, this year I've had fun helping clients with style discoveries, wardrobe workouts, colour analyses, and travel packing.

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Yours in style

Your Questions Answered

I answer questions I've been asked that I think other readers will be interested in and publish them here.

You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or by replying to this email.

Q: What dress style will look beautiful on me? from Sara of Ethiopia
Sara tells me her horizontal body proportion is pear shaped (also known as the triangle shape) and also that she's short and prefers to wear flat shoes. She wants to know what dress styles will suit her best. Sara also provided 3 pictures of dresses.

A: In my reply I explain what Sara's main style aims are, assess the dress pictures she provided and show examples of her best dress styles. See my answer...

Q: Not your usual pear shape from Dale of Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Dale gives her measurements and provides 2 photos of herself in different outfits. She's always had challenges dressing her shape, even more so now she's carrying some extra weight. She looking for help with everything she wears.

A: It really helps to see photos of Dale, as well as her measurements. My suspicion is she doesn't have a pear body shape! I give her some ideas for how to proceed. See my answer...

Product & Service Updates

Style with Confidence Online Course

Whenever I ask women what they'd most like my help with these are the main issues that come up, can you relate?
  • some sort of body shape issue to hide, such as no waist, a large bust, a muffin top, middle-age spread, bottom heavy, or being short (we really are very critical of ourselves!)
  • stress when working out outfits, both for every day and especially for special events
  • how to dress younger, yet still be age appropriate?
  • how to be more stylish - contemporary yet not 'too try-hard'?
  • many questions about what style of tops, dresses etc would suit
  • trouble finding suitable clothing for their age and shape
These women realize that if they could be confident they looked good they'd feel better about themselves. And understanding how to consistently put together flattering outfits they loved would save them both time and money.

And that's how this online course came into being!

I first started learning about clothes and style because I knew I wasn't always getting my look right and that bothered me. I've now helped many lovely women to consistently create a look and wardrobe they love. As you might imagine, it's very satisfying when a client tells me I've changed her life by helping her transform her style. Even if the difference I've made hasn't actually been life changing most of my clients tell me they're enjoying the compliments they're now getting about how they look.

I've worked with women of all shapes and sizes and have come to see recurring patterns in where they're getting stuck and why. It's all down to a lack of know-how. And that's what this style course addresses.

Yes, there is a lot of style advice available on line. However, even if the information is correct, it can be challenging to work out how to apply it to yourself without some professional, objective help.

In this course I personally assess your proportions, give guidance, review outfits and answer questions every step of the way. So, if you join us you'll be with a small group of women in a friendly and supportive environment.

The Style with Confidence online course is now open for enrolments and you can get started straight away. Click here for details and to enrol.

How to Create Confident Style

If you'd like to look more stylish and easily select stylish outfits to wear everyday, but don't know where to start check out the 6 steps to savvy style. (Hint: includes how to dress for your shape, your coloring, and your personality.)

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