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Jane's Jottings

Hello {!firstname}

This month I've been busy wrestling technical issues (grrrrr!!). I've had a couple of attacks from mal-ware programs that have slowed me down. And I've had some challenges creating and getting my website's new look-and-feel template working in all browsers.

Hopefully it's all sorted now. However, if you notice anything wrong with the way my new look-and-feel is displaying in your browser please let me know which browser you're using and it's version number so I can fix it.

My new template should mean it's now easy for me to make site- wide styling changes. I'm still working on finessing some of the styling so don't be surprised to see 1 or 2 more small changes.

All new pages will have the new look-and-feel and I'll gradually work through the existing pages to update them.

Do let me know what you think of my website's style makeover!

One of the things I'm working towards is making my website more interactive. You can now ask style makeover questions directly on my website -- see Your Questions Answered below.

Enjoy Style Snippets. Until next month, all the best


PS I always welcome your feedback, so please contact me with anything you'd like to see either on the website or in this newsletter (reply to this email or use the Contact Me link below).

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  fundamentals of style
Understand and wear your best colors

Know your body shape and proportions

Dress to flatter your shape

What's Your Body Scale?

Your body scale is an assessment that takes into account your height, weight and bone structure. It is used to determine the size of accessories and prints that will look best on you (see the question below).

If your body scale is...

  • Small -- choose small to medium accessories

  • Medium -- any size accessory will work for you. However, if you're short stick with small to medium accessories since large ones will emphasize your lack of height

  • Large -- choose medium to large accessories (unless you’re short, in which case stick with small to medium accessories)

  • Grand --  medium-sized accessories will work best for you. Small or large accessories will emphasize your size

>> See how to determine your body scale 

Your Questions Answered

You can now ask your style makeover questions directly on the Style Makeover HQ website. This allows me to share your questions and my answers with all visitors to the website. It also allows you to read and comment on style makeover questions and answers from other visitors.

So, don't be shy, ask me a style makeover question!

Each month I will pick 1-3 questions that I think other readers will be interested in and publish the them here.

Q: Can you give me more advice on changing my hair color and style? from Manuela of Milan, Italy

A: I provide general guidelines for what hair styles will suit your face shape on my pages for each face shape which you can access from here. And the color booklets I provide as part of both my in-person and online color analysis services provide some guidelines for hair color and the general guidelines for selecting a hair style. 

However, to provide more specific help I've been working on reviewing online hair styling programs to see which ones are best. See the new style articles below.

Q: How can I wear patterned and bordered bottoms? Many of my clients ask me this question.

A:  If you are short (less than 161cm/5'4"), or if you are medium height (161cm/5'4" to 173cm/5'10") and heavier than you would like to be, wearing skirts, shorts, cut-offs or trousers with patterns or borders will make you look shorter and heavier. So your personalized Style Portfolio will advise you not to wear patterns or borders on garments below the waist.

If you want to try breaking this rule the way to do it is to make sure you bring attention back up to your face.  A border or pattern will act as a focal point in your outfit. Try balancing a border with a neckline detail, either within your top or by adding a look-at-me necklace or scarf. To create an above the waist focal point for a pattern wear a top in one of the lighter or brighter colors found in the skirt (although be aware that light and bright colors also make you look heavier, so you may not want to do this if you're trying to minimize a large bust or midriff).

Patterns also need to be suitable for your body scale.

Try the "blink test" to see if the outfit works for you. The "blink test" is where you stand in front of a full length mirror and close your eyes then open them again and notice what you see first then second as you open your eyes. Another good way to check your outfit is by taking a digital photo of yourself. I find this can give you greater perspective on what you see.

Product & Service Updates

Professional Photograph Packages

I've recently joined forces with photographer and photographic makeup artist Nelly le Comte to offer a professional photographs service for my local, in-person clients. 

You may need professional photographs for your corporate website or brochure, or for your small business website and offline publications. Even if you don't need professional photos for your work if you have an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or at any of the many social networking sites you may wish to display yourself in your best light with a professional photo.

Before and after professional photos are also a lovely record of your style makeover journey.

Even if you feel you're not particularly photogenic I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how you can look after I've styled you,  Nelly has done your makeup,  together we've "warmed you up" for your photographs and Nelly's worked her photographic magic! Take a look at the link below and see for yourself!

>> Read details of professional photographs packages and see some example photos

Discover Your Best Range of Colors
If you haven't had your colors done yet, or if you had your colors done many years ago and feel you may now have changed color categories I provide a color analysis service. If you live in Sydney find details of my in-person colour analysis service here. If you live anywhere else in the world contact me for details of my online color analysis service.

Style Makeover Gift Certificates

If you're looking for a unique and lasting gift for a relative or friend this Christmas consider giving them a style makeover. The gift of my style makeover lasts not just this Christmas, but for a lifetime. I show men and women how to assess themselves against the 6 elements of style and how to identify and create the appearance they want to convey.

However, I suggest you first determine whether the person you are giving this gift to is open to receiving it! If the person hasn't expressed a desire to improve their appearance or a frustration with the contents of their current wardrobe, they may be insulted by your loving gift!

I offer gift certificates for all of my style makeover services. You can either specify a monetary value to be redeemed against any service (or for the Style Solutions ePortfolio) or purchase a certificate for 1 or more specific services. 

I can either snail mail the gift certificate to you or I can email it as an e-gift certifcate.

To purchase a gift certificate phone me, Jane, at Style Makeover HQ on 0403 747 199 or email me at (or reply to this email).

>> For details of all my services click here

Look Great! Feel Great!
If you don't yet have your personalized Style Solutions portfolio you can find the details here...

New Style Articles

This month I've been reviewing online programs that let you try new hair styles virtually to make it easier to select your next haircut and color and to allow you to easily communicate what you'd like to your hairdresser...

On Line Virtual Hair Styles Programs

Trying on virtual hair styles is a great way to find a new hairstyle. There are now several online virtual hair styles programs available -- which one should you choose? I've reviewed some of the online hair makeover programs to save you time selecting one.

>> Read the whole article

TheHairStyler Virtual Hair Styler Review

The Hair Styler is my favorite virtual hair styler program to date! It's the one I recommend to my clients when they want to find a new hairstyle. I find it very easy to use. And although it is not 100% realistic it is more realistic than most virtual hair styling programs. It is certainly realistic enough to see whether the selected hairstyle and color suits you.

>> Read the whole article

Makeover Solutions' Daily Makeover Review

The Daily Makeover provides not only virtual hairstyles and colors, but also other makeover solutions for makeup and accessories. It allows you to play with all aspects of your color and give yourself a drastic color change! You can have a lot of fun with this. However, if you are just looking for a new hairstyle this might not be the program you'd choose...

>> Read the whole article

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