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Online Body Shape Analysis Service

body shape analysis for menbody shape analysis

The first step to dressing to flatter your body shape is to understand your body type and proportions, your face shape, and your real, objective prominent features (as opposed to your perceived flaws).

It can be difficult to objectively determine your own body proportions.

This online analysis service gives you a professional and objective way to determine your body proportions and face shape. You take 5 digital photos of yourself, following the instructions on how to take the photos, which we use to assess your...

  • Horizontal shape
  • Vertical shape
  • Face shape
  • Neck proportions
  • Prominent features


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Online body shape analysis

To Order

You have 2 options:

  1. You can either order your analysis through the relevant online eStyles program (MyPrivateStylist for women, MenOfStyle for men), or
  2. You can ask me to do your analysis personally

Option 1

  1. Order your eStyles portfolio through these links:

  2. Follow the prompts to order, but intead of entering your own profile details select the "Need Help" button

  3. Follow the prompts to take and upload your photos

What if you've already entered your details?

If you have already ordered your eStyles portfolio and entered your details, but feel that the results are not appropriate this typically means that you have not assessed your body proportions correctly.

You can still request help as follows...

  1. Log into your eStyles portfolio
  2. Select "My Garments", then select any of the categories there
  3. Scroll down and select the "Results Not Appropriate" button

Option 2

Contact me to order. I'll send you a PayPal payment request and instructions for taking and sending your photos.

What Happens Next?

Your body shape and proportion details will be entered into the "My Results" area in your eStyles portfolio. And the recommendations in the "My Garments" area will now be tailored to your body proportions.

When will I receive my online body shape analysis?

You'll receive an email within 2-3 days to let you know your eStyles have been personalized.

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