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Jane's Jottings

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I got back home at the beginning of August. I had a great time, but it's great to be home. I can't believe it's the end of the month already! Where does time go?

July in the UK turned out to be wonderfully warm and sunny! So most of my travel wardrobe that had worked so well during June did you see the photos I posted on my Facebook page?) was not so good during July. I had to buy some more summery clothes (oh what a shame ;D!).

My husband, Kim, joined me for most of July. So my best intentions for getting a newsletter out somehow didn't happen! However, we did have a good break. And my mother said that her 80th was her best birthday yet!

This week a lovely client told me her motivation for seeking out my services was because she isn't confident she knows how to dress now she's in her 50s. It reminded me that age appropriate dessing is a mystery for many women.

See how my services can help you get more use out of your current wardrobe. And it's the last days for the extra low price for the online My Private Stylist program.

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Until next month, all the best


PS I always welcome your feedback, so please contact me with anything you'd like to see either on the website or in this newsletter (reply to this email or use the Contact Me link below).

Age Appropriate Dressing

It can happen at any age!  You find you've lost any confidence you had in how to dress appropriately for your age.

Perhaps it happened because clothes currently in your wardrobe no longer seem to work for you.

Perhaps because you've been looking at fashion magazines and have not been able to relate to any of the images of the young and slender models wearing the clothes.

Or maybe you've recently returned from a less than satisfactory clothes shopping expedition?

I wrote this article to provide some age appropriate dressing guidelines:

- How to Dress Well and Look Great at any Age

I hope that article, together with answers to specific reader questions on the subject will give you some ideas:

- What to wear in your 60s

How to dress my age without looking frumpy

- Evening wear for a 44 year old

And a tip for looking at fashion magazines and websites: look at the clothing styles, rather than at the model wearing the clothes. Look for fabrics, colours, styling lines, and styling details that you love. Use those items to gain inspiration for your own style.

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Product and Service Updates

Outfit Ideas

Now is a great time to be reviewing your wardrobe and planning for the upcoming change of season. The weather's beginning to change. The new season's fashions are in the shops (ok, they have been for quite a few weeks now!). Fashion magazines and websites are full of images of styles for the new season.

However, before you buy any new items, take a moment to visit your wardrobe and go 'shopping' in your own wardrobe. Use the fashion magazines and websites to gain inspiration for updating your outfits so they feel fresh and contemporary.

If, like many of my clients, you don't know how to do this I'd love to help you. However, it is best if you live in Sydney, or are able to visit me in Sydney (you can bring as much of your wardrobe with you as you can carry in your suitcases!). 

I suggest we start with a session to discover your personal style. This includes creating a few outfits to flatter your body shape and suit your personality and how you want to be seen. The session can also be extended to create more outfits from your current wardrobe. It includes starting a shopping list for items you're currently missing to create your personal style.

It really is worth investing in this service to save you buying items you don't need! And I can show you how to get much more use out of what you already own.

>> Click for details of my personal style discovery service

Dressing For Your Body Shape

The online My Private Stylist program takes the guess work out of dressing for your proportions. It uses your body shape assessment to create your personalized style portfolio. If you don't know your own body shape you can request a professional assessment for only US$25 more.

Because I've been away I haven't had a chance to update the program pricing. It's still available at the very special price of US$49.95. Next week I definitely need to remove the special, so take advantage of the price while you can. By the middle of the week it will return to US$79.

>> Click for details of the My Private Stylist program

>> For details of all my services click here


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