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Discover Your Personal Style

"At last a reliable way to look good!"

style makeoverDoes Your Appearance Reflect What You Want It To? - Find out how to define & express your personal style to transform your appearance & your wardrobe

With this style makeover consultation I guide you through a fun process to discover and define your own personal style words. Your unique style words will express who you are now and how you want to be seen. They represent your style vision for yourself.

A special Style Discovery Day package ensures you know all your style fundamentals and introduces you to the style formula. Click here for details.

Your style words are part of a style formula we can use to solve all your style and wardrobe issues. Not necessarily all at once, I hasten to add -- just as Rome wasn't built in a day, it will take a little while to totally turn your wardrobe around. However, you will see results straight away, when I show you how to use your style words to put together one or more outfits from your current clothing and accessories (or identify what to add to get to your desired look).

Your style formula helps with...

  • Deciding what to wear -- making getting dressed and looking great faster, easier and stress-free

  • Identifying what's missing from your wardrobe

  • Shopping for new clothing and accessories that you'll actually wear and that extend your current wardrobe -- saving you money on clothes you rarely if ever wear and ensuring you get more wear out of your current clothes

  • Creating an inspirational wardrobe -- over time, as you build out your wardrobe to cover all areas of your life, this new approach to wardrobe building will ensure you have no more "I've got nothing to wear moments". You'll have outfits you love for every occasion.

What can you expect from this personal style consultation?

I start by sending you a style homework package -- don't worry, it's fun and won't take long to do. It gets you focussed on thinking about your current style: what you like and what you don't like about your clothing, accessories and style.

During our appointment I use a powerful, tried and test process to discover and define your unique personal style words. We start the session with a style interview, then review your home work together. During the process I help you identify potential style words to reflect who you are now and how you want to be seen. Then, together, we refine your words to create a memorable description of your style.

Using pictures of clothes and looks you love we identify which aspects of those items represent your style words, this starts to build your personal style glossary so you can recognise those elements again in other garments and accessories.

Then we move into your wardrobe (or, if you've come to me, to your suitcase) and I'll put together some outfits that create your style (sometimes, that may mean starting a shopping list of items that will extend your current wardrobe and add the missing style magic to outfits you already have).

Knowing your style words makes it easier to solve all your style and wardrobe issues. It's the key to unlocking your freedom of expression and getting your appearance to work for you with clothes you love. It allows you to become more like you on the outside.

Allow 2 hours for this consultation.

You'll learn...

  • Your own unique style words-- a group of words that define who you are now and how you want to be seen

  • How to use your style words to express yourself with your clothes and accessories -- with practical ideas for translating your desired style into outfits and 2 or more outfits identified from your current wardrobe

People will notice the difference in your appearance for all the right reasons. You will just look "right" -- more like you!

Why you need this service

  • You'll save money -- with the cost of clothing now-a-days it only takes 1 or 2 mistakes saved to pay for my services

  • You'll find you wear more of your clothes more often, and so get better value from your clothes and accessories

  • A key piece in the style puzzle -- over the years of delivering image consulting and personal styling services I've come to realise that a deep understanding of your personal style, and how to express it, is perhaps the biggest single factor in changing your look and maintaining that change

Update February 2015

Please note: Following feedback from my clients this service is now included in the Style Discovery Day. This special self-discovery day is my recommended starting point for all style makeovers.

A Personal Style Discovery session can also be run in a slightly modified format as a fun, interactive, private group style party.

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