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what to wear in your 60s

by Brenda

Examples of: what not to wear (left) and what to wear (right)

Examples of: what not to wear (left) and what to wear (right)

I am 63, and don't buy many clothes, but I am always kind of confused on what to wear for my age group.

I have always paid attention to style fashions for each season of the year, but now that I am older, I don't want to look like my daughter, or my grandmother!

It seems very hard to find a balance at this age?
I am 5ft tall 125lbs blue/grey eyes, a light spring in colors...

fair skin/freckels, sandy blond hair...


Jane's answer... Hi Brenda. This is a great question. It deserves at least an article on how to dress well for your age and even a book or it's own website!

The secret to looking stylish in your 60s is actually the same as looking good at any age. The fundamentals are...

  • Great grooming -- this includes your hair, makeup and well maintained clothes

  • Wearing clothes to suit your coloring

  • Dressing to flatter your body shape -- using contemporary styles

With the style fundamentals mastered you can then plan your wardrobe taking into account your lifestyle and your personality.

One of the reasons it can become difficult to know what to wear in your 60s (50s, 40s, or even 30s -- any time you have a style confidence crisis) is that your body shape and coloring may well have changed since the last time you worked out what you should wear. So suddenly it seems that your current clothes no longer work for you. And it's easy to feel you've lost your way, or got stuck in a style rut. One of the first things to do is reassess your shape, coloring and grooming.

It's good that you stay in touch with current styles. I always recommend using style magazines or style websites to periodically keep in touch with what's contemporary. And each season I add my trend update articles to outline the main trends. The challenge is that the fashion industry tends to target young women, so you need to learn how to interpret what you're seeing.

Almost any fashion trend can be adapted if you know some general guidelines.
Here are some tips...
  • Avoid age related stereotypes associated with young girls -- no minis, short shorts or leggings worn as pants no matter how great your legs are

  • Avoid age related stereotypes associated with the elderley -- in presentations I often ask my audience to call out their image of a little old lady. Responses always include things such as: shapeless cardigans; buttoned up, peter pan collars; purple dye perms; pale, muted, dusty and greyed colors such as dusty pinks, mauves, blues and greens; small florals; mid-calf pleated skirts. Pleated trousers; trousers that don't cover the shoe; baggy, shapeless clothes; and unattractive footwear also belong in this category

  • Start with a good foundation. When was the last time you got measured for a bra? Or bought a new bra, for that matter? Make sure your underwear is smoothing and firming your figure, not adding to the problem areas. Read more about good foundations here.

  • Disguise problem areas either by covering, or by emphasizing a good point and de-emphasizing the problem spots. For example: cover flabby upper arms with a three-quarter sleeve; bring attention to your face with a scarf or earrings; don't wear light colors on areas you want to minimize.

  • Since you don't buy many clothes make sure your core wardrobe items such as pants, skirts, jackets and coats, are the best quality you can afford. And make sure they fit perfectly (it's worth having garments altered if you can't find the exact fit off the rack). If you choose classic styles, rather than items with exaggerated design elements, they will remain contemporary longer. These core items should be in your most flattering dark to medium-dark neutrals such as black, charcoal or chocolate.

  • Supplement with good quality shirts, blouses, knitwear and tops

  • Show your personality and update your look with accessories and cheaper fashion tops

  • Update your haircut and color. Choose a contemporary style that's shoulder length or above, with layers to add volume and movement. Keep the style soft and off your face. Try virtual hairstyles and colors to get ideas to communicate to your hairdresser.

  • Update your makeup. I often suggest that my clients have a makeup lesson from a makeup artist (rather than a free one from a department store) to work out how to update their beauty routine. The 'Beauty at Any Age' ebook, by Diana Pemberton-Sikes, gives some great tips to update your beauty routine.

Your main aims are to create stylish, smooth, lines using contemporary clothing styles that flatter your body shape and coloring, using 1 or 2 focal points (using accessories or color) to direct attention where you want it. And to have fun re-defining your style!

Ideas for what to wear in your 60s

The pictures below are of real clients who are in their 60s (faces cropped to protect their privacy). Please note that neither client is a Light Spring coloring, but hopefully you can use some of the ideas for garment styles and outfit styling.

what to wear in your 60s
Ideas for What to Wear in Your 60s for warm weather and cool weather

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I've earned the right to wear what I like!
by: Betsy

I'm 63 and still have a pretty good figure. I keep my weight down by paying attention to calories, limit eating out, exercise, etc.

I love fashion and have a walk-in closet full of great clothes to prove it. I wear what fits my mood. No, I don't wear short anything but then I really never have.

I believe that at my age I've earned the right to wear whatever I want. If someone doesn't approve I really don't care - that is one of the perks of being this age.

To me, fashion is fun and I plan to keep it that way.

What flat shoes to wear with a casual dress
by: Jane

Maj, the great thing is that flats of all kinds are very much contemporary to wear with casual dresses (and skirts and pants).

Tennis shoes will work. Birkenstocks will work and many other flat styles of sandals and shoes.

The 'trick' is to balance the look of the dress with and the shoes with you.

Have a look at this article, especially the section on 'How to buy shoes to flatter your outfit' to give you some ideas.

Your question deserves a whole separate article (thank you for the idea), I've made a note of it to write soon.

need help with shoes
by: Maj

I am 66, 5'6" tall and wear size 14. My problem is shoes. I have spinal stenosis and can only wear shoes with good support (flats, Berks and tennis shoes). What can I wear that would not look frumpy with a casual dress?

Please help.

Tired of wearing pants and long skirts,

fashion @ 60 years old
by: Rose

i like todays clothing for todays fashion. i dont like to see a women my age dress young or flashy. i dont like women over 50 with long hair passed the waist that's not cool. or to see mother daughter dress alike. i dont like to see women over 50 flashy nails or art on the nails.

Wedding outfit help
by: Steve

Please Help

My mum is 66 and hasn't a clue what to wear for my wedding which is being held November 2017.
She is 5ft 10 with brunette slightly curled hairstyle.

The colours at my wedding are red & white with some autumnal decorative bits added.


Let me reciprocate
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same mindset as all these ladies - mid-60s, tired of my nondescript clothing since retirement, needing a whole new wardrobe - so thanks for all the tips.

You're good at clothes: I'm good at grammar! so can I just point out that under the three pictures you should write 'None of these' rather than 'neither of these' because the words 'either' and 'neither' are about comparing only 2 things, not more than 2.

Let's all learn from each other!
Regards, 'Another Anon'

Trust your instinct
by: Anonymous

I'm 68. Put on 10 lb last year due to new meds regimen, and half my closet no longer fits.
Time to clean out not only the too-smalls, but the items worn very rarely that make me feel uncertain when I put them on. Rule of thumb: If you feel hesitant going out the door, time to ditch it, no matter how much it worked for you 10 years ago!

Very informative
by: Anonymous

Thank you Your observations were spot on . I notice that we slide into a comfort zone with clothes and a WAKE up call can inspire and instruct us in the right direction Thank you

Outfit Ideas
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Dear Anonymous & Bev

I can see that my general guidelines are not sufficient to help you (and therefore presumably others too) to solve your what to wear questions.

I have now added a few photos with examples of real women in their 60s (see above).

And you've inspired me to create a new article in the 'What to Wear' section of my website to give you actual outfit ideas.

I'll add the link to this article when the article is ready.

by: Anonymous

The above outfit still looks a tad boring and very old looking. l'm 62 years old 179cm and weight 63kgs also have long light brown hair maybe you could help me with a change of style please

What to wear in my mid 60's
by: Bev

Hi There I'm 66, about 5'6" and about 80Kgs
When I look in the shops and try things on everything is for young people. I would try on a nice dress or skirt but at about knee length is to short for my age and makes me look like mutton dressed as lamb.

Please give me some sort of advice

Thanks in advance

Start By Assessing Yourself
by: Jane of Style Makeover HQ

Patricia, you don't give me enough details for me to give you specific recommendations for you personally. I've sent you an email to the address you left to let you know this.

It sound as if you might need to start at the beginning and re-assess where you're at and which area you most need help. Take a look at my "6 Steps to Savvy Style" article for help with this.

Do let me know if I can help you with my one-on-one services.

dress for 63 going on 64
by: Anonymous

Thanks for his. But, I need help. I am 63 will soon be 64. 4'11". Grey hair. I don't know what style will be good for me. Like to wear my hair up some. I don't know what style of clothes to wear. I don't know what color of makeup to wear. I am olive skin and have dark brown eyes.
Please help if you can.

Thank you,
Patricia Grant

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