Newsletter: Issue #007 March 2010

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Jane's Jottings

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I love this time of year. Not because, here in Australia, it's now officially Autumn, but because a change of season means a change of clothing. Not necessarily new clothes (although I am very tempted by all the fresh new styles arriving in the stores every day now!), but just the chance to wear clothes that I haven't worn for 6 months or so. 

This month I share with you my observations of the new trends in both hemispheres.

And it's very timely that the next generation of the Style ePortfolio (aka eStyles) has just been released (details below). There's no better time to get to grips with dressing for your body shape than just before you buy new items to keep your wardrobe up-to-date!

Enjoy this month's Style Snippets. Until next month, all the best


PS I always welcome your feedback, so please contact me with anything you'd like to see either on the website or in this newsletter (reply to this email or use the Contact Me link below).

Income Earning Potential

The new Style ePortfolio program, as well as letting you know exactly what to wear to look great, also offers you the opportunity to make some income!  

If you have a blog or a website, especially if it's image or style related, or directed at women, you can promote the eStyle program and the image ebooks. After you've signed up as an affiliate, any purchases made through you will earn a generous percentage of the sale. 

You don't even need to have a web presence, you can let people in your networking or social groups know about the program and direct them to the eStyle site created for you.

And there's no cost associated with becoming an affiliate.

>> Find out more and watch the video

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Jane's Jottings
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  fundamentals of style
Understand and wear your best colors

Know your body shape and proportions

Dress to flatter your shape

Your Questions Answered

Each month I pick 1-3 questions I've been asked that I think other readers will be interested in and publish them here. You can ask me questions or share your style story either directly on my website or through my contact me form.

Q: Balanced and hourglass, which style to go with? from Jane of Norwich, UK

A: Sometimes style guidelines can be in conflict when considering each body proportion in isolation. The trick is to work out which overall style aim should take priority.

>> Read my answer here

Q: Long-torso or balanced-torso best with skinny jeans? from Vanessa of New York

A: Given this fashion remains a key trend, this is a very good question.

>> Read my answer here

Q: What is my face shape and the best cut for it? from Cathy of Toronto, Canada

A:  Cathy thought she had an oval or diamond face shape.

>> Read my answer here

Product & Service Updates

Discover Your Best Range of Colors
If you haven't had your colors done yet, or if you had your colors done many years ago and feel you may now have changed color categories I provide a color analysis service. If you live in Sydney find details of my in-person colour analysis service here. If you live anywhere else in the world contact me for details of my online color analysis service.

New Style ePortfolio Launched!


I'm very excited to announce the launch of the new personalized Style Solutions program. 

One of the 2 foundations for developing your personal style is dressing to suit your body shape (the other is wearing your best colors). The eStyle program takes the guess work out of what styles suit your body shape.

Up to now the style program has been a downloadable program only available for PCs (so all you Apple Mac users have missed out). The next generation of the program makes it available online. This means it doesn't matter whether you have a PC or an Apple Mac. It also means you no longer have to download the program, so your personal style recommendations are available to you from any PC at any time you are connected to the internet.

The look of the program is now better than ever. It is even easier to use and the print out of your recommendations has a nicer format.

Think of the time, effort and money you'll be able to save by only buying styles that flatter your shape!

If you need help determining your body shape and proportions for your Style Solutions ePortfolio I'll be happy to help.

If you are already an ePortfolio customer, and purchased your ePortfolio within the last 12 months, you will receive an email from TAIC, within the next month, letting you know how to access the online version of your ePortfolio.

>> For more details and to have a look at the sampler click here

Look Great! Feel Great!
If you don't yet have your personalized Style Solutions portfolio you can find the details here...

New Style Articles

I'd love you to contribute your fashion observations or favorites for the change of fashion season. Go to the relevant page (spring/summer or autumn/winter), select the "Contribute..." link at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2010

My observations of the main new spring and summer fashion trends for 2010 (northern hemisphere) including recommendations of which fashion trends look best on which body shape and coloring.

>> Read the article

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends 2010

My observations of the main autumn and winter fashion for Australia and the southern hemisphere for 2010 including tips for which fashion trends look best on which body shape and coloring.

>> Read the article

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