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Spring Fashion Trends & Summer Fashions 2010

Spring Fashion Trends & Summer Fashions 2010:
Main Style Elements

Dresses are still a key fashion trend this spring and summer.

There seem to be a few more choices in skirt styles.

Pants are still mainly skinny-legged.

The key spring fashion trend colors are grey and silver. Pair these with either light, clear, spring fashion neutrals, or muted pastels or inject some color with scarlet, orange or bright blue.

Patterns include florals and computer generated prints. There are still some animal-inspired prints around, but this trend is in decline.

Spring fashion trends in design details include texture. This can be either within the fabric itself or added to fluid fabrics through draping and ruching. Fabric folds are another design detail trend. Remember texture adds volume, so take care where this falls on your body -- use the volume to balance your shape to the hourglass shape.

Studs and metallic details are also spring and summer fashion trends. And sequins and beading.

Statement jewellery is still on-trend, especially necklaces and stacked bangles and bracelets.


Dress styles and colors are still very varied, meaning you should be able to find 1 or 2 styles that work for you. In particular, look for trench-style dresses, shirt dresses and shift dresses -- these styles work for a range of body shapes. If you have an hourglass shape you will find 50s inspired shapes to flatter your curves.

Other style options include strapless and 1-shoulder styles

The main dress lengths are still around knee length or above, with the trend being for rising hem lengths! However, don't follow this fashion if it doesn't suit your shape, or your legs aren't up to it!

Pants, Trousers and Shorts

I'm still mainly seeing skinny-legged pants. And with the new spring fashion collections there are also capris, cut-offs and shorts.

Shorts are mainly very short and cuffed.

There are also some fuller straight styles around in floaty, draping fabrics. These are great for evening wear and will suit most body shapes.


For work the main skirt silhouette is still the pencil skirt. Choose a straight or subtle A-line if you have large thighs, or a triangle body shape. 

Casual skirt styles include A-line and puffed styles -- these are particularly good if your horizontal body shape is inverted triangle.


Key spring fashion trends include jackets. Styles vary greatly and include leather jackets, Chanel-inspired jackets, boyfriend-style blazers, trench coat inspired jackets, classic suit jackets and feminine, peplum-style jackets.

Tailoring varies from structured to softly structure to un-structured.


The usual spring and summer fashion trend of the classic, white shirt is back. As well as classic, convertable-style shirts in fashion colors and prints.

Balance a triangle or rectangle body shape by adding a top with ruffles, folds, pleats, lace or drapes. However, choose minimal volume if you have a large bust.

Other top styles include summer tanks and sailor-style stripes. If horizontal stripes are close together they will have a slimmining effect. If they are further apart they will make you appear wider.


  • Shoes and sandals -- sandals are still mainly strapy and gladiator or grecian inspired. I like this look, but it's difficult to wear if your legs or ankles are not so slim, or if you're short. This is because the straps tend to come high up your foot, or even your leg, which then makes your feet look wider, your ankles look fatter and your lower legs shorter and fatter. To minimize this effect choose sandals in a color that is close to your skin color.

    Heels are still either towering or flat. And wedges and platforms are still around. I had heard a rumor that there will be lower heels available too, but I haven't seen much evidence of it yet!

    Design details also include costume jewels. Look out for tan colors or shiny silver.
  • Necklaces -- add layered chains in either gold or silver, or mix the 2 metals, to create a statement necklace. Tribal elements are also in style, this includes wood, bright colors and exaggerated shapes
  • Bracelets -- choose tribal-inspired elements or stack bangles or bracelets for a statement wrist

Spring Fashion Trends & Summer Fashions 2010:
Main Style Themes

The continuing trend of many variations in styles means you can create a look to suit your personality and still remain contemporary. These are some of the main "style stories" that I've noticed, but feel free to mix them up within an outfit...

  • Military -- includes military uniform detailing (both modern armies and historic armies) such as trench coat styles, epaulets, metallic buttons, fabric belts with metal details. Colors include khakis, olives and sandy-colored neutrals. Detailing tends to be masculine, but can be softened with gathers and ruching.

  • Global tribal -- this theme includes a wide variety of pre-industrial looks from around the globe, including bohemian and tribal warrior. Key elements include bold colors, creative mixing of colors and prints and funky, or natural-looking, accessories. Garments are typically un-structured and can include goddess style drapes with metallic details added to create the warrior look.
  • Feminine -- the feminine theme also includes romantic and elegant looks. Look for outfits that have, or create, hourglass silhouettes. Chanel-inspired suits and jackets help create this theme, as do softly tailored garments or floaty ruffles and pleats. Other design details to create feminine themed looks include floral prints, pastel colors, draping and ruching.
  • Minimalist -- in both color and design. Typically this look is created with very modern styles. Colors include black, greys and white and light neutrals. Prints include bold graphic prints. The look can be softened with a folded fabric detail, or a restrained ruffle.

Spring Fashion Trends & Summer Fashions:
Main Fabric Trends

Fabric Types

These include linen, cotton and silk as well as softer fabrics, such as jersey. There are also transparent sheer fabrics with beading details.

Fabric Prints

The main spring fashion trends and summer fashions include...
  • Florals
  • Computer generated prints
  • The animal-inspired print trend is not quite as strong this fashion season

Fabric Color Trends

Fashion colors this season include...

  • Greys -- there's a wide variety of hues and values (light to dark) and both cool and warm hues
  • Silver -- only good for those with a cool skin undertone
  • Light, clear spring colors -- including acid yellow, lavendars and light blue-green
  • Light, muted colors -- including "blush", sand, stone
  • Khaki and olive greens -- great if warm colors suit you best
  • Strong, brights -- including bright blue, scarlet and orange

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