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Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends 2010,
Australia and the Southern Hemisphere

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Elements

While the shops are full of black, grey and winter whites. There are also some lovely colours around. It seems most branded stores have opted for one colour in their autumn collection. The colours include purples, oranges, reds and corals. The good news is that the colour is in a range of hues making it more likely that you'll find a hue to suit your colouring.

A big trend this season is animal print, especially leopard and also snake skin patterns in many different colour-ways. And in all types of garments and accessories from hair clips to shoes and underwear to coats. I luuurve this trend and will have to make sure I don't over do it! It doesn't suit everyone's personality and can have a "hooker" label attached to it, but it can also be either a fun look or a sophisticated and sensual look. If you're not brave enough to wear a leopard-print dress, perhaps try a scarf or a card holder.

The architectural theme in design is also represented in most collections. It includes ruching, tucks and folds and even "flames", as well as space age style shoulders. Remember to take care where the design element falls on your body and to make sure it's giving your body shape the balance and proportions you want to achieve.

Another design trend is hardware detailing in the form of studs and zips, that add an edge to an outfit.


There's still an abundance of dresses around this autumn and winter fashion season. On-trend lengths are still around knee length and above or full length. There are many styles to choose from.

So, especially if you don't have a dress yet, I'd encourage you to identify your horizontal body shape and then look for a dress silhouette that will suit that shape. For example, if you have an hourglass figure look for an hourglass silhouette in a dress (or create see if you can create the hourglass shape by cinching in the dress with a belt at the waist).

Look for dresses in trans-seasonal fabrics such as medium-light weight jerseys or medium-light wool or wool blends for maximum wear. You can always add warmth and change the look of the dress by layering with long-sleeved fine knits or long sleeved t-shirts and opaque tights and boots.

Styles include goddess-like draping, one shoulder and strapless.

Coats and Jackets

Leather jackets are a key trend this year. Particularly in bomber and biker styles. In fact, there's a wide range of jackets around including blazer's, bolero and dinner jacket styles.

Trench coats and jackets are in many of the collections. And they're in many style variations, fabrics and colours.

Coats also include classic shapes in camel and tweed. There are also capes (both collar-style capes and coat-style capes) as an alternative.


Ruffles are a key theme in tops. Take care with this look if you have a large bust -- make sure the ruffles are away from your bust. Ruffles around the neck and over the bust is a great look for those of us who are less well endowed, since they'll add perceived bust volume!

If ruffles aren't your thing look for ruching, especially on shoulders. Avoid this style if you have an inverted triangle horizontal body shape, since it will emphasise your shoulders. I like this styling -- I call it the "Klingon" look (Star Trek fans will understand!).

Knit wear includes fine merino cardigans and long sleeved t-shirts as well as chunkier sleeveless and short sleeved cardigans. There's also a variety of waistcoats around still.

Pants and Trousers

Pants are still mainly straight and either skinny or wider legs.

Pantsuits are also still around. And cropped, tapered and pleated pants -- these are best if you're tall, slim and have long-legs.

Distressed jeans and slashed jeans are back.


There's been a poor choice in skirts for the last few years and this trend is continuing, dresses seem to have taken over for now. The main skirt trend is still pencil or straight and around knee length or above. And there are a few fuller, gathered, knee length A-lines shapes around.


  • Necklaces -- add a statement necklace to a simple outfit to lift and update your look. There are many to choose from this season, in gold or silver or both, with various embellishments, such as open roses, beads, crystals, wood and leather. Alternatively, make a statement by layering gold or silver chains, or both. You can really have some fun with this.

    Just remember to keep the necklace in keeping with your body scale. And, in particular if you are on the shorter side, don't go too long, or the necklace will overwhelm your frame and make you appear shorter.

  • Shoes and boots -- over-the-knee boots are still in fashion -- this look is not for the shy and retiring type, as they'll certainly attract attention! And there's still a wide variety of under-the-knee boots -- styles include riding boots and biker boots (typically with lower heels), as well as high heeled choices. There's also a wide range of shoe boots again this season.

    Shoe heels are still sky-high or flat. I'd heard a rumour that a more moderate heel was returning, but so far I haven't seen much evidence of this.

    Court (aka pump) styles are prevalent -- these are great for work. And gladiator-inspired strappy styles (flats and heels) and still popular

    Toes are rounded, almond or pointy. Be aware that rounded toes may make your legs look heavier.
  • Bracelets -- a statement wrist is a key look: wrapped beads on elastic in either silver or gold or a mix of both; many bangles; and cuffs -- layer a mix of styles up your arm!

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends: Main Style Themes

  • Military -- military inspired detailing includes epaulets, brass buttons, double breasted jackets and coats and webbing belts
  • Romantic -- includes ruffles and softly draped tops and dresses
  • Biker -- an and "edge" to an outfit with details such as zips, studs and leather
  • Classic -- create a classy look combining quality classic cuts, materials and colours

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends: Fabric and Colour

Fabric Types

Fabric trends for autumn and winter fashion include leather, tweed, velvet, silk and wool.

Take care not to put the bulkier of the winter fabrics over areas you'd rather minimise!

Fabric Prints

Autumn and winter fashion trends in prints include...

  • Animal inspired, especially leopard and cheatah
  • Snake skin
  • Houndstooth (you know -- the David Jones logo!)

Fabric Colour Trends

As well as the usual black and white 2010 autumn and winter fashion trend colours include...

  • Greys
  • Purples
  • Oranges
  • Reds
  • Corals
  • Mustard yellows
  • Bright blues
  • Emerald greens

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