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Bra Shopping Tips

Breast shapes are different from one woman to the next. Some breasts sit close together, some further apart, some sit high, some sit low. Different styles of bras will suit different shapes. Try on different styles and different brands to find the brands and styles that suit you best.

There can be sizing variations between different brands. So, while the starting point is to be measured for the correct bra size, it's also important to try on the different brands and styles to ensure you find a perfect fit and shape for you and the outfit you will wear it with.

When bra shopping consider the following...

  • A new bra should fit on the middle hook and eye. This way as the bra ages and loses its elasticity you can tighten it. And if you put on weight you can loosen it

  • The cups should support your bra, not the straps. To test for support, drop the straps off your shoulders. If the bra sags you need a new one

  • When shopping for a bra, panties or shapewear to go under a special occasion dress or top take the garment with you to make sure the underwear works with it

  • Clear bra straps are a good alternative to strapless bras to wear with tops and dresses that have thin straps

  • Own at least one flesh colored bra since this will be the least visible under white or light colored garments and sheer fabrics

  • A great fitting t-shirt bra is one of the most useful for giving you a great shape, good lift and it can be worn without being seen under many tops

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