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Petite Clothes: What Are They?
And Where to Find Them?

If you are 5'4" or shorter you will no doubt have trouble finding regular clothes that fit you correctly. This is because standard women's clothes are designed for women who are between 5'5" and 5'9" (163cm and 177cm).

Petite clothes are designed for women who are between 5'4" and 4'11" (162cm and 149cm). Typically they are also designed for women with a balanced vertical body shape.

A common misperception is that petite also means a small dress size. While a petite woman may wear a small dress size she may also be a plus size petite. A petite clothes size refers to height. It has nothing to do with weight or horizontal body shape.

The petite sizes take into account the smaller vertical body proportions, leg lengths and sleeve lengths. Making it more likely that a tailored petite dress, for example, will fit properly at the bust, waist and hips.

This is why even if you are a bit taller than 5' 4" if you have long legs and a short body, or short legs and a long body, petite sizes may well be a better proportion for your shorter length. For example, petite pants may work better than standard ones if you have short legs in proportion to your torso.

Another challenge petite women may come across is being taken seriously because of their height. This is because our society associates height with power. You may also find people think you are younger than you are -- this may seem like a good thing if you are 40 plus. However, especially in a work situation, it may be the reason you have trouble being taken seriously.

The good news is there are some very effective tricks for looking taller. Discover how to appear taller than you are and how to choose flattering clothes for petite women.

Online Womens Petite Clothing Stores

The stores below have online petite clothes. Even though they are physically located in the specified countries many of them ship to other countries as well.

Some of the stores also stock plus size petites -- I've given an indication of typical sizes stocked to give you an idea (though not all garments come in all sizes).

Physically Located in Australia

Physically Located in the UK

Pysically Located in the US

Share Your Favorite Petite Clothing Stores

Have you found a great petite clothes store, or a store that has a petite clothing range? Please share it with me and my website visitors.

It can be an online store, an offline store, or both.

Tell us what you like about the store. And, if it's an on offline store, where it is.

If you'd like to show a photo of something you've bought from the store that would be great too.

Petite Clothing Stores Other Visitors Have Recommended

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Proportioned perfectly for people 5'4" and less. Great quality and stylish displays. Great selection and sales!

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It has many items in petite particularly long boho type skirts and jeans.

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In Canada, U.S. And Europe..they have some unique pieces that add pizazz to any outfit.

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You are so right that petite refers to height and not simply body size. I love Woman Within because they have petite clothes in the plus sizes, and you …

Where to Buy Womens Petite Clothing Not rated yet
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