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Are shorts appropriate over 60?

Are shorts appropriate over 60? Would love advice on whether shorts are appropriate for a women over 60? If so, what styles can you suggest? Jane's

Continue reading "Are shorts appropriate over 60? "

Understanding women's business dress code

Is your business dress code business professional, or 1 of the business casual levels? And what does that mean exactly?

Continue reading "Understanding women's business dress code"

Dress for Your Hourglass Figure

Learn how to dress to flatter your hourglass figure

Continue reading "Dress for Your Hourglass Figure"

Style Makeover Workshops

These fun interactive style makeover workshops help you develop your personal style. Held in Avalon (on Sydney's northern beaches), or in your home.

Continue reading "Style Makeover Workshops"

Colours & wardrobes: answers and an example

Continue reading "Colours & wardrobes: answers and an example"

Patterned jumpers for inverted triangle body shape

Hi Jane. I'm looking forward to jumpers as winter draws in. However as much as I love Fair Isle / Icelandic style jumpers or yoked jumpers, I fear I can't

Continue reading "Patterned jumpers for inverted triangle body shape"

New season fashion trends - what will you try?

Continue reading "New season fashion trends - what will you try?"

Current Fashion Trends

My trend watch summarizing and interpreting current fashion trends for women in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Continue reading "Current Fashion Trends"

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2018

The spring and summer fashion trends on the runway may seem costumey or only for young women...

Continue reading "Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2018"

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2018 Australia & NZ

My interpretation of autumn winter fashion trends for forty plus women

Continue reading "Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2018 Australia & NZ"

[Style Snippets] Have I answered your style questions yet?

Continue reading "[Style Snippets] Have I answered your style questions yet?"

Pants for Wide Hips Small Waist & Heavy Legs

Pant & trouser styles for wide hips & where to buy them

Continue reading "Pants for Wide Hips Small Waist & Heavy Legs"

Smart Clothes Shopping Tips

Become better at clothes shopping : save money, save time, and create an inspirational wardrobe

Continue reading "Smart Clothes Shopping Tips"

6 Steps to Savvy Style

Use these 6 style steps to upgrade your style. Improving your look is easy when you know how.

Continue reading "6 Steps to Savvy Style"

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