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Disclosure - Style Makeover HQ

Style Makeover HQ disclosure

Continue reading "Disclosure - Style Makeover HQ"

How to wear a belt when you're over 40

Continue reading "How to wear a belt when you're over 40"

How to Wear a Belt Over 40

Tips for how to wear a belt and look good when you're over 40 even if you don't have an ideal waistline

Continue reading "How to Wear a Belt Over 40"

[Style Snippets] Wishing you a Happy Christmas

Continue reading "[Style Snippets] Wishing you a Happy Christmas"

[Style Snippets] talking style, renovations & alterations

Continue reading "[Style Snippets] talking style, renovations & alterations"

[Style Snippets] back to basics for a style upgrade

Continue reading "[Style Snippets] back to basics for a style upgrade"

Dress for Your Body Shape Booking

Book a Dress for Your Body Shape consultation - in-person or online

Continue reading "Dress for Your Body Shape Booking"

Natural fibres and stylish tops

I find it difficult to wear synthetic fibres on my torso - they make me sweat and I feel like I'm encased in a plastic bag. Which pretty much leaves me

Continue reading "Natural fibres and stylish tops"

How to hide upper arm flab?

I recently turned 75, and although I am not heavy (130 lbs) my upper arms are wrinkled and flabby despite using weights when I exercise. I fear no amount

Continue reading "How to hide upper arm flab?"

Current Fashion Trends

My trend watch summarizing and interpreting current fashion trends for women in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Continue reading "Current Fashion Trends"

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2019

My round-up of the spring and summer fashion trends for 2019 for women over 40...

Continue reading "Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2019"

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2019 Australia

My take on the autumn winter fashion trends for Australia for women over 40

Continue reading "Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2019 Australia"

[Style Snippets] Would you wear yellow?

Continue reading "[Style Snippets] Would you wear yellow?"

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