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Style Makeover Workshops

These style workshops are designed as fun, interactive sessions for you to learn  how to reflect who you are through your clothing. Each workshop addresses a specific aspect of developing your personal style.

You can either sign up for a scheduled public workshop, or get together a group of friends and book a private session. 

The public workshops listed below are kept small to ensure everyone gets my personal attention. They're held in my home in Avalon Beach, NSW (on Sydney's northern beaches). 

If you'd like to attend a public workshop on a particular topic, but don't see it listed below, do let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Scheduled Workshops

There are currently no scheduled workshops. However, if you get a small group of friends together I'd be delighted to run a private workshop for you (see below).

Private Style Makeover Workshops

Private workshops can be scheduled for small groups of women (typically 4-8 women). They run from 2-5 hours. Topics covered include:

To find out more contact me.

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