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Female Underwear
Great Foundations Need Great Fit

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A poor fit in female underwear is a sure way to sabotage an otherwise great outfit! As the foundation for your outerwear, your underwear should only be visible if that's what you intended as a fashion statement! And it should always provide a firm, supportive, jiggle-free, smooth foundation for your clothes -- all the curves in the correct places with no extra lumps and bumps!

Regularly Replace Female Underwear

It's a good idea to get into the habit of checking your underwear on a regular basis (for example twice a year when you do your seasonal wardrobe makeover). Replace underwear that's discolored, has tired or over-stretched elastic, or simply no longer fits.

Have underwear for everyday wear, but don't forget to ensure you have suitable underwear for your special occasion outfits too. How will you wear that new low-backed, evening dress if you don't have the right underwear for it?!

Look Instantly Slimmer (by 1-2kg/5-10lbs)

A bonus of wearing well fitting underwear is that by getting everything firm and in place you'll instantly look lighter! For example, if you're larger busted you can lose up to 10lbs simply by adjusting your bra straps to pull your bust into the correct place and give your torso a better shape!

Another slimming tip to disguise a roll of flesh around your middle is to wear a (not too tight) camisole as an under garment this will smooth and minimize your middle and will allow the outer garment to fall smoothly.


female underwear bras Photo Courtesy of Utopia Lingerie Shop,
Warriewood, NSW

Bras are necessary for every woman, no matter what her breast size, for breast health and to provide a good foundation for clothes. 

Did you know that our breasts don't contain muscle? They are made up of milk glands, fat, ligaments, blood vessels and skin. So no amount of exercise is going to change the breast size or shape itself (bad news for those of us with smaller or sagging breasts).

  • Correct bra size -- how to recognize that your bra is the wrong size and how to determine your correct bra size

  • Fitting a bra -- even the correct bra size will need adjusting for a perfect fit

Panties and Shapewear

With panties comfort and fit are essential, style is a bonus!

Shapewear conjures up images of boned-corsets and Victorian ladies being strapped into crinolines and so on. Thankfully, we no longer have to put up with such contraptions! Modern fabrics and construction techniques provide both control and comfort

Panty Hose or Tights

And finally, don't let your panty hose spoil your smooth foundations! The waistband is often too tight, resulting in unsightly muffin-top bulges even when your panties or shapewear knickers fit correctly.

Tips for buying panty hose...

  • Either buy the largest panty hose size you can. That is, ignore the brand's height sizing and simply buy the largest size

  • Or, cut 2 snips in the waistband at the front, in line with the middle of each leg

  • Do both of the above, if the largest size still results in a muffin-top

  • Look for panty hose with no waistband, for example from the US brand Haines

Another tip to extend the life of ruined control-top panty hose is to use it as shapewear by simply cutting off the legs to the desired length.

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