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Recommended Style eBooks

I'm constantly on the look out for makeover resources and products to help you develop your own look. What I've found, through my in-person image consulting services and my own experience, is that it's a journey rather than a destination.

The steps are...

  1. Start with the style basics of good grooming (this includes personal hygiene, hair, and care of your clothes and accessories) understanding your best colors and dressing to flatter your body shape.
  2. Intermediate style -- When you have these things mastered you can move on to discovering your style personality. Then use everything you now know to audit and plan a wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. And finally shop to your plan and budget to create an inspirational wardrobe.
  3. Advanced style -- If you're interested, keep learning more about style to continue defining and refining your style.
Below you'll find the products and resources I recommend for improving various aspects of your appearance. I've personally reviewed each of the items below (even if I haven't yet got around to writing a review I have read or tried everything I recommend). A product or resource only makes it to this page if I think it adds something worth while for developing your look.

Style Basics

style program for women

estyle program for women -- this online program created by my trainer and mentor, Ann Reinten, gives you personalized style recommendations and shows you exactly which styles suit your body shape and proportions. This is the main thing my readers are telling me they need help with. Take a look at the estyle program...

style program for men

estyle program for men -- this personalized online style program shows men exactly which styles suit their body shape best. Take a look at the Men of Style online style program...

personal style ebook

Your Personal Style Formula ebook by Jane Allen and Jane Liddelow (that's me!). This ebook gives you 3 easy steps to follow to discover and develop your signature style. See Your Personal Style Formula...

style petites ebook

Never Short on Style ebook by Imogen Lamport. This ebook is for petite women. That is women who are 5'4" (163cm) or shorter. The same rules that apply to other women apply to shorter women as well, but there are also some extra rules for petite women to look their best. Read my ebook review...

Intermediate Style

style The Finishing Touch ebook

The Finishing Touch ebook by Imogen Lamport -- Many of you want to learn how to accessorize better. It's a good thing to learn since accessorizing is a great way to make the most of your clothes.

This is the ebook I recommend.Read my review of The Finishing Touch to see why.

style shopping ebook

Style Wise & Shop Smart ebook by Ann Reinten (my mentor and trainer) -- I almost put this ebook in the advanced category, but thought that might put some of you off. This is a great resource for learning more about how to use line and design to create a flattering shape and to work on your shopping strategy.Read my review...

style travel ebook
Travelling Light ebook by Imogen Lamport. This ebook is great for teaching you how to pack light. It gives you more information and examples of how to create a mix and match or capsule wardrobe. Read my Travelling Light ebook review...

Advanced Style

style triumph book

The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mason Mathis. To me, this book is the pinnacle of developing your personal style! It's one of the books on the AICI reading list to take the FLC exam. It shows you how to take inspiration from art to take the application of flattering line and design techniques to another level. Excellent! The Triumph of Individual Style : A Guide to Dressing Your Body, Your Beauty, Your Self

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