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Fall Fashion Trends 2011/2012

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The 2 main fall fashion trends for 2011/12 are...

  • Yin or feminine styling, and the opposite
  • Yang or menswear-inspired styling

Create layers within one of these themes, or mix yin and yang in the same outfit for a creative, edgy look or a natural sporty look (like the photo on the right above).

Fall Fashion Trends & Winter Fashion Trends 11/12:
Main Style Elements


While there are still many dresses around the emphasis this season is on pants and skirts.

Dress styles include shift, and fuller softly draped and floaty styles. For the fuller styles use a narrow belt either on the waist or loose over the top of your hips to give you more shape.

Pants and Trousers

  • Menswear-inspired medium-width straight legged trousers

  • 70s-inspired flared jeans and pants (iron in a center crease!) -- make sure the hems are only just about the ground or they'll be too short (this means you'll need to pick the shoes or boots you intend to wear them with)

  • Slim, straight legged or tapered, cropped pants -- this style is challenging for most people to wear and look good in. Its best if you have proportionally long legs and are slim, otherwise it can make you look shorter and heavier! If you want to try this look anyway go for a monochrome look from your feet up through your legs (that is, choose a similar color depth for shoes, socks or tights, and pants)

  • Colored pants and patterned pants -- this look is best if you are tall, because the pants create a low focal pointl. To wear them anyway add a balancing high focal point above your bustline or choose a light or bright top 


  • Pleated skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Straight skirts
  • Midi skirts with thigh high splits
  • Lengths are on or just below the knee, plus the returned midi length (make sure the hem hits a flattering part of your calf: where your leg starts to curve out to it's fullest width, or below the calf where the curve comes back into your ankle)

Coats and Jackets

  • Trench -- especially, a new, shorter mid-thigh length
  • Practical Parka
  • Tuxedo jackets
  • Mens-style coats
  • Capes -- short and long styles
  • Leather jackets
  • Mixed leather and knitwear jackets


  • Feminine long-sleeved blouses -- these include: sheers; neckties; polka dots; softly draped silks. Buttoned up and worn with a necktie, either in the same fabric as the blouse or a contrasting color -- this look works if you have a smaller bust and at least a medium long neck. Otherwise unbutton and wear the tie loose (see the photo on the left at the top of this page)

  • Vests/waistcoats -- great for layering. Leave unbuttoned if you have a larger bust


  • Longer length, fine, softly draped cardigans
  • Chunky knits
  • Fine-knit polo necks -- this style is not for you if you have a larger bust or a shortish neck



  • Heeled pumps
  • Leopard prints
  • Loafers and brogues with high,  stacked heels
  • Flats include ballet flats,  loafers and brogues

Toes are mainly easy-to-wear almond shaped point


  • Ankle boots -- styles include sturdy menswear styles and longer ankle boots


Add a seasonal update to an existing outfit with a leopard print scarf, a curved feminine style, a fluffy fake fur, or a plain, quality menswear-style scarf.

  • Structured handbags -- in stiffer fabrics
  • Box clutches

  • Narrow -- worn on the waist or hip-slung to create a slouchy feel

Fall Fashion Trends & Winter Fashion Trends 11/12:
Main Style Themes

  • Chic feminine -- this look includes pencil skirts and buttoned up blouses, with or without a self-tie at the neck; polka dots and florals; lace; feminine-styled suits (think of a pencil skirt and flowing long-sleeved blouse)

  • Menswear-inspired styling -- menswear-inspired suits, including tuxedos; vests; loafers with or without heels

  • Vintage inspired -- includes all decades from the 1920s to 1980s, for example...
  • 20s-inspired: pleated skirt and sweater combo
  • 40s isnpired: pencil skirts
  • 60s-inspired: color blocking
  • 70s-inspired : flared jeans; wider legged pants; tie-die fabrics; psychadellic colors
  • Fall Fashion Trends & Winter Fashion Trends 11/12:
    Main Fabric Trends

    Fabric Types

    • Jersey knits
    • Chunky knits
    • Wool suiting fabric
    • Textures include shaggy fur, fluffy feathers, chunky knits
    • Fur -- real and fake. Look for fun, bold colors and well as black, browns and beiges. You'll find it in coats, jackets, vests, hats, collars and boot and shoe trims
    • Chiffon
    • Lace

    Fabric Prints and Textures

    • Snake-inspired prints
    • Animal prints -- inlcuding leopard (especially in shoes and accessories) and zebra
    • Feminine polka dots
    • Flowers
    • Plaid and other checks

    Fabric Color Trends

    • Black -- is this ever out of fashion? 
    • Reds and other bright, jewel colors

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