Learn How to Dress for Your Body Shape
And take the guesswork out of finding clothes that fit and flatter your proportions

for women over 40

This consultation is available both as an in-person service and online (see details below)

    Has a change in your weight or shape left you unsure what suits you?

    Is your wardrobe making you feel frumpy and old?

    Do you struggle to quickly and easily get dressed every day in a way that makes you feel comfortable, yet stylish?

Those are some of the style challenges many women tell me they experience.

Imagine opening your wardrobe to see clothes that all mix-and-match, fit you perfectly, flatter your body shape and allow you to quickly, easily and enjoyably get dressed every day.

How good would that be?

And yes, it is possible! Using my proven approach for creating stylish outfits allows you to take the guesswork and frustration out of getting dress every day.

By gaining a clear understanding of the clothing styles that work for all your proportions, together with outfit strategies for quickly and easily putting together stylish outfits (including a bit of illusion magic), you'll be able to consistently create stylish, casual outfits for your everyday life and identify what's missing from your wardrobe.

Let's face it - what you wear is important.

It affects how others see you.

However, perhaps even more importantly it affects how you feel about yourself.

Changes to your weight or shape may have caused you to lose confidence in your appearance. You may even feel you've started to 'disappear'.

Do you have trouble finding clothes that suit your age and your shape? Does it feel as if all the stores cater to girls and slim young women?

You don't want to dress like your daughter. However, you don't want to dress like your mother either!

It's easy to get lost!

Dressing well is more difficult for women than for men. We have more variation in body proportions. More body shape changes as we age (without even considering weight gain or loss). And there are more clothing choices for us, so a greater opportunity to get it wrong.

Please don't feel bad about needing help to look stylish. The thing is you've probably never been taught why clothes work or don't work.

And even if you worked out how to do it yourself when you were younger your body shape will likely have changed if you've had children and after menopause.

Combine that with a fashion industry that typically advertises clothing using models who are slim young women and it's no wonder you struggle!

Yet you still want to look and feel good in your clothes - of course you do! It's important for your self-esteem and your confidence.

In This Consultation

You'll learn...

  • Your proportions and why they matter
  • How to assess individual garments for fit
  • Your best outfit strategies to easily create flattering outfits

You'll receive...

  • A personalized online style portfolio
  • An online course to practice and expand your style knowledge
  • Ongoing support through a private online community

Book your Dress to Flatter Your Body Shape Consultation

I offer this educational consultation both in-person and online. The delivery mechanisms are slightly different, but the benefits are the same.

In person

You'll either visit my studio in Avalon Beach, or I'll come to you if you're within about an hour's travelling distance (a small travel charge may apply).

Allow up to 2 hours for an individual consultation, and add 15 minutes for each additional person in a small group consultation (up to 5 people).


Initially I'll send you instructions for what photos to take, so I can assess your proportions. I'll also ask you take some outfit photos.

Then we'll schedule an online video meeting (using Zoom). Allow 1.5 hours for this consultation.

Your investment

The price for the Dress to Flatter Your Body Shape consultation is AU$350 AU$300 ($50 off for taking the Dress Your Shape mini-course)