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Determine Your Horizontal Male Body Shape

Your horizontal body shape is the relationship between your chest, waist and hip-line. It is their relative proportion to each other that is important rather than their actual size.

Your horizontal body type is used to identify the clothing styles that will suit you best.  Although it is important to note that other factors can change some of these recommendations, such as face shape, neck and shoulder size and prominent features.

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Dressing for your body shape is an essential part of looking great. However, first you need to understand what your shape and body proportions are. For professional help, either in-person or online, use my image consulting services.

To do this assessment stand in front of a full length mirror. A long straight object such as a long ruler or a broom handle will also be useful to work out whether your hip-line is narrower, wider, or the same width as your chest. The easiest way to see this is to hold the ruler under your arm pit and rest it on your hip.

Combine the guidelines for your horizontal body shape with those for your vertical body shape.


This is known as the perfect male body shape. You have a trapezoid body if...

trapezoid male body shape

  • Your shoulders and chest are broad

  • Your waist and hips are medium-narrow

  • Your upper torso is bigger than your lower torso

  • You are well-proportioned

Your body type is one of the easiest to dress, you can choose from the greatest variety of styles.

Inverted Triangle

You have an inverted triangle body shape if...

trapezoid male body shape

  • Your shoulders and chest are broad

  • Your shoulder, arm and chest muscles are well developed and bulky

  • Your waist and hips are narrow

  • Your upper body is significantly heavier than your lower body

Your main style aims are... balance your lower body to your upper body, by wearing trousers with straight or wide legs. And to ensure your shirts, t-shirts and jackets fit well.


You have a rectangle body shape if...

rectangle male body shape

  • Your chest, hips and waist are about the same width

  • Your torso shape is straight

Your main style aim is... create the illusion of a trapezoid shape by choosing styles to emphasize your shoulders.


You have a triangle body shape if...

triangle male body shape

  • You are bottom heavy

  • Your chest is narrower than your hips

  • Your lower body is heavier than your upper body

  • You probably also have a sloping shoulder line

Your main style aim is... create the appearance of broader, squarer shoulders.

Do wear...

  • Jackets with shoulder pads
  • Jacket, shirt and t-shirts shoulder seams no wider than the edge of your shoulder


This body shape is also called an apple body shape. You have this shape if...

oval male body shape

  • Your overall appearance is round

  • You have a large stomach

Your main style aims are... create the appearance of a longer and slimmer torso.

please note

Please note these guidelines may change based on other features such as your age, your face shape, your neck length and any prominent features you may have.

A Mens eStyle program will look at you as a whole and make specific recommendations for clothes taking all your features into account.

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