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Transform Your Style. Transform Your Life

A transformation makeover programme

transformation makeoverYou can love your style no matter your age, size, or shape
with this transformation makeover programme!

Have you noticed that changing what you wear and how you wear it changes how you feel about yourself? When you know you look good your self esteem and confidence increase. This in turn attracts people and opportunities to you.

When you dress to flatter your appearance and who you truly are, as well as to suit the occasion, that's truly a foundation for happiness and success.

Do you want to feel: younger? more feminine? more up-to-date? more sexy? more beautiful? more elegant? more chic? smarter? edgier? funkier?

This Style Transformation programme will ensure your style reflects how you want to feel.

In a recent 'magic wand' survey asking my readers what result they'd most like with their style this year most women said they wanted to find or develop their own style so they could feel better about themselves.

Many women said they didn't know what to buy, or even if they knew what they didn't know where to find it. They felt stressed choosing what to wear.

Can you relate to any of these problems:

  • Does your bust, stomach, hips, or another area of your body make it challenging to find nice clothes?

  • Do you keep buying more or less the same clothes all the time? Resulting in no variety so you become bored with how you look? For example, multiple jeans or black pants and similar shirts or tee shirts?

  • Do you tend to wear your clothes in the same combination rather than mixing-and-matching with other items in your wardrobe?

  • Do you struggle to find clothes appropriate for your age?

  • Does your style feel dated, or frumpy?

  • Do you have no clue how to become more stylish?

Then read on. This personal style transformation makeover programme might be just what you're looking for...

We live in a time when there's massive choice in clothing styles, sizes and colours. And we can find and buy clothes and accessories in local shops and online from anywhere in the world. There truly is choice out there for every woman. (Yes I agree it's more challenging for some women to find clothes that fit. For example, in Australia it's particularly challenging finding clothes in local shops that fit shorter women.)

So, in theory it should be easy to find styles that work for us.

However, if you have no clue how to become more co-ordinated and stylish you are not alone! Don't be too hard on yourself. Most of us never had any education on style and levels of dress.

In our teens and 20s we probably experimented with our style and may have found what worked. But then, as we get older, everything changes: our shape; our colouring; our lifestyle; fashions. Suddenly we're lost. And many women don't have the time or inclination to start experimenting again.

These reasons are exactly why I created this Transform Your Style programme.

With this programme I guide you through a magic process to identify what you'd like your style to be. With your style criteria in hand we work on your wardrobe to create stylish outfits suitable for every area of your life.

Just as it took a while to get to where your style is now it's going to take a while to totally transform your wardrobe and create new dressing habits: to learn what to buy and how to combine items into outfits that flatter, nurture and function for your life. However, I show you how to use new purchases with items you already own so you can get more use out of them and still feel stylish. With this programme I'll be with you every step of the way to support your style transformation.

Over a 3-12 month period (we'll agree the duration together by seeing what's relevant for you) this style transformation programme provides a clear pathway to transform your personal style once and for all. It will lead you from where you are to where you really want to be.

This unique style programme will:

Transform your style in all areas of your life. It includes...

  • Uncovering what you want your style to be taking into account your personality and your lifestyle
  • Identifying the colours and styles that flatter your colouring and proportions
  • Creating outfits you love suitable for all areas of your life -- no more stressing about what to wear, simply choose an outfit from your photo look book or wardrobe chart
  • Supporting you with feedback on outfits you create and suggestions of what to wear for unexpected events

The Transform Your Style Programme includes:

  • Style Discovery Day to work out what you want your style to be, to learn your style fundamentals, and to create your transformation plan (click for more details)

  • Wardrobe Workouts to transition your wardrobe to your new style, for each season and area of your life. It includes: creating outfits; recording them in photos and/or wardrobe charts; clearing out wardrobe items that are past their use by date, or that can't be used in flattering outfits that you love; and creating a shopping plan

  • Shopping Success Sessions to transition your wardrobe to your new style. We'll shop to our plan. I'll do the pre-shopping leg-work for you: researching where to go and holding good candidates for you to try. This decreases the amount of time and energy you need to spend shopping. You'll find these sessions very different to shopping you do by yourself, or with a girl friend, especially if you hate shopping! Many clients tell me they now never want to shop by themselves, I save them so much frustration and stress!

  • Wardrobe Integration Sessions to show you how to use new items to create outfits that reflect your style. The aim is to integrate new purchases with items already in your wardrobe so they feel fresh and new again and you can get more wear out of them.

  • Makeup Lesson with my preferred makeup artist to update your makeup style. Even if you don't usually wear makeup, or wear very little makeup, it's a great thing to do to see what's possible!

  • Recommendations to other professionals as needed. For example, to update your hair style, or improve your smile

Please note: we'll create your exact transformation makeover plan during your style discovery day, working out how many wardrobe and shopping sessions you need based on the results you're looking for.

Plus bonuses of:

  1. Unlimited outfit reviews via email and text for outfits you create, or approval of an item you'd like to buy on your own

  2. Unlimited phone support for a quick question about an outfit

Upgrade option:

  • Professional before and after photos to record your journey or use for your profession or business and social media

Where do we Transform Your Style?

For this programme I usually come to you. I mainly provide my image consulting and personal stylist services to suburbs within an hour's driving distance of Avalon, NSW on Sydney's Northern Beaches and the North Shore

Suburbs I travel to include, but are not limited to: Avalon, Bayview, Belrose, Bilgola, Chatswood, Clareville, Cremorne, Collaroy, Dee Why, Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Manly, Mona Vale, Mosman, Narrabeen, Neutral Bay, Newport, North Ryde, North Sydney, Palm Beach, St Ives, Sydney north, Terrey Hills, Turramurra, Warriewood, Whale Beach.

If you live a little further away feel free to enquire anyway.

If you live a lot further away you'll either:

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