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Style Discovery Day

style discovery service"In your style discovery day
we'll identify your personal style, your best colours and your body proportions
and use them to create outfits you'll love"

Did you know that research confirms how you dress also affects how easily you achieve your goals in life?

This includes the people and opportunities you attract and how much you earn!

Would you like to confidently dress for every occasion knowing exactly what to wear to look great?

One of the main reasons women cite for not being able to create the style they want (confirmed by a recent survey I conducted) is a lack of knowledge. They don't know how to dress to flatter their shape, their colouring, their personality, their age, and their lifestyle.

Take your first, important, step to creating the style confidence you desire and deserve with this special style discovery day.

By the end of this fun, practical day you will:

  • Be able to express your desired style in words
  • Know your best colours and how to recognise them
  • Know the styles that flatter your shape best
  • Have an approach to creating your style in outfits that flatter all aspects of you
  • Have at least 2 outfits (and usually more) that you love created from your current wardrobe (if we can't find these in your wardrobe, we'll create them in pictures and start a shopping list)

This self-discovery package includes:

  1. A style assignment -- this is to get you thinking about your wardrobe, what you already know about yourself and your clothes, and what you'd like your style to be. It shouldn't take you long to do. Treat it as a fun (and revealing) exercise!

  2. Your style words -- using a tried and tested process we'll uncover your personal style words. These unique words express who you are now and how you want to be seen. They represent your style vision for yourself and help you consistently create stylish outfits you love and wear. This is often the missing piece of the style puzzle.

  3. Your body shape 'rules' -- we'll assess your proportions, identify any areas you'd particularly like to hide, and what we should highlight. We'll look at the best silhouettes and style design lines for your proportions.

    You'll also receive a personalised online style portfolio identifying all your style 'rules'. When you understand your rules you'll be able to find flattering ways to break them if you want to!

  4. Your best range of colours -- colours have such a powerful impact on our look and our emotions that it's really good to understand the range of colours that suit you best.

    You'll also learn the 3 important aspects affecting the colours you'll look best in. I'll also show you how to break the rules and still look great. You'll receive your best range of colours in a high quality swatch, which I'll show you how to use to pick thousands of colours. And an ebook with more information about your colours and how to use them.

  5. Creating your style -- this is when you start to see results! With your style criteria in hand we'll go shopping in your wardrobe for at least 2 outfits (we usually find more) that flatter all aspects of you. We'll start a shopping list of items to finish your outfits and make them more stylish. (If we really can't find anything suitable in your wardrobe -- it has happened -- we'll create these outfits in pictures using magazines and online resources.)

  6. Transition your style -- last, but certainly not least, we'll identify the steps you need to take your style from where it is now to where you'd like it to be. I'll identify what's currently getting in the way of your style. And we'll work out the scope and pace of change that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget. See Upgrade Your Style and Transform Your Style for 2 approaches. Or see Special Occasion Style if you have a particular event or upcoming trip you'd like to focus on.

You'll receive:

  • Your colour swatch
  • An ebook on your colours
  • Your personalised online style portfolio detailing all the style elements that suit you
  • Photos of the stylish outfits we create for you

Plus bonuses of:

  1. Your style words as a picture -- this is a colourful, graphic, reminder of the style you want to convey in your outfits

  2. Your style glossary -- to give you specific ideas for outfit creation

  3. A summary of your style discovery -- to keep you focussed on the most important aspects of creating your style

Client success stories

"I want to let you know how useful the time you gave me has been. Since then I have much less in my wardrobe, but it's all things I like apart from a few bits I plan to replace with better alternatives over time. I also have a lot less guilt about not wearing things that were in there that weren't right for me, didn't fit well, I didn't really like, didn't feel good in etc

"I've only bought a couple of new things since I saw you, but the advice you gave me has been a really big help. It's much easier to see what suits me and also to decide if something was worth getting.

I've been promising myself a shopping trip with you when I can find the time, but I'm also finding that I'm actually happier with less in my closet -- it makes things so much simpler!

Anyway, many many thanks for sharing your skills and advice. It has done me the world of good already and I know I'm still only near the beginning of the process."

-- from MA, Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW [Jane: some clients are shy of online publicity and prefer their name and/or photo is not shown]

"Jane, thank you for the fun, your expertise and your honest feedback and support. I have an insane busy full life and just being wardrobe organised has made a HUGE diffence and I feel confident again..."
-- part of a review on Facebook by Karin Slade, Warriewood, NSW

Where do we do your Style Discovery?

For this service I usually come to you. I mainly provide my image consulting and personal stylist services to suburbs within an hour's driving distance of Avalon, NSW on Sydney's Northern Beaches and the North Shore

Suburbs I travel to include, but are not limited to: Avalon, Bayview, Belrose, Bilgola, Chatswood, Clareville, Cremorne, Collaroy, Dee Why, Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Manly, Mona Vale, Mosman, Narrabeen, Neutral Bay, Newport, North Ryde, North Sydney, Palm Beach, St Ives, Sydney north, Terrey Hills, Turramurra, Warriewood, Whale Beach.

If you live a little further away feel free to enquire anyway.

If you live a lot further away you'll either:

  • Come to my studio in Avalon with a suitcase of clothes and accessories (I'll let you know the types of items to bring), or

  • Use my online Style Discovery service

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