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This Online Color Analysis Service Answers:
"What Colors Should I Wear?"

what colors should i wear

My online color analysis service not only provides answers to the question "what colors should I wear?" It also lets you know your best...

  • Color intensities (a color's intensity is how clear or muted it is)
  • Color values (a color's value is how light or dark it is)
  • Contrast levels
  • Prints and patterns
  • Colors for wardrobe essentials (base your wardrobe around these colors)
  • Makeup colors

You will also find out...

  • Your face shape
  • How to wear color to create the illusion of a "perfect" body shape
  • Your best hair colors
  • How to wear colors that aren't your best
  • How to wear black
  • What happens to your coloring as you age

How Does My Online Color Analysis Work?

Your solution to "what colors should I wear?" starts with you answering a color questionnaire and sending me 2 recent digital photos of your face.

How to take your photos

The 2 digital photos should be photos of yourself taken in good natural light (no flash or electric lighting). You will need to take photos specifically for this analysis, rather than try and find photos you already have.

Each photo should show your face and neck and be taken straight on to your face. Make sure the photos are a good representation of your current skin and hair colors.

One of the photos should show your face outline (so I can determine your face shape) -- you may need to pin back your hair for this shot. Please make sure the camera is positioned at your nose level, so I don't get a fore-shortened view. And that it's far enough away that the photo doesn't have a fish-eye effect.

It's a good idea to take each photo in different lighting conditions, even if that simply means turning around and taking the photo from a different direction.

Things to watch for are:

  • Too much shadow on your face
  • Too much direct light, causing your skin to look washed out
  • Make sure the background is a light neutral color
  • The file size of each photo should be 1M to 2M

Personality & Your Coloring

Did you know that personality and color are linked? So your questionnaire answers and comments can sometimes give me a confirmation of your color category!

There's more about this in the color ebook you receive.

I use a system called flow seasonal color analysis (also known as directional color analysis). Using your photos and questionnaire answers I assess your flow. I then perform a virtual color draping on your photos using computer color swatches (rather than the fabric swatches I use on in person clients), to assess whether your skin undertone is cool or warm, and to determine your primary and secondary color season.

Sometimes I need to ask you to take another photo with a different background, or in different light conditions. Or I might ask you some further questions.

You will receive...

what colors should I wear - flow seasonal color swatch

  • The result of my analysis by email (including an e-summary of my color coding process) together with your flow season's color ebook
  • Your flow seasonal colour swatch containing 60 high quality colour chips, by airmail
  • A 36 page personal colour booklet (as a downloadable ebook) reminding you of everything covered in the consultation

The color swatch has 60 color chips in your seasonal colors. The ebook explains how to use the swatch to pick 1000s of colors that suit you best. It also covers the other factors involved in choosing clothes and makes recommendations for coloring your hair and for make-up colors.

I also let you know your face shape for your most flattering hair styles, hats, glasses and earrings. These are also explained in the color ebook.

How long before I know "what colors should I wear"?

I will usually let you know the results of my color analysis within 3 days of receiving your photos and questionnaire answers. If it's going to take longer than that I let you know.

How long the color swatch takes to reach you will depend on where you live and the efficiency of your postal service. For example, it typically takes 2-3 days to arrive if you live in Australia, about 5 days in you live in the UK, and up 2 weeks if you live in the USA.

Client feedback

Here's what some of my clients have said after their online color analysis...

"I'm glad I'm not a deep winter after all!" [Jane: this is what Wendy thought she was] "The deep winter colours were so dark that I didn't really feel happy in them... the cool winter colours make me feel rather joyful and really suit my personality. Thank you again for your analysis. :)

I'll go over the ebook in the next few days and will contact you if I have any questions.. so far the advice is very helpful, especially the details such as what type of fabrics to look for."

Wendy Y, Canberra, Australia

"Thanks Jane!

Very exciting - I can see how the right photos really make a difference in this process. It's amazing what lighting and makeup can do!

Thanks so much! Wish we could have done this in person, but the process was still fun and I am looking forward to refining my style (and my closet) with this new information."

Karen P, CA, USA

"Dear Jane - got the color swatch yesterday. Thank you!

I love the colors and look forward to the day I´ll open my cupboard doors and look into this beautiful rainbow, knowing that whatever I pick it will look good on me!:)"

Tove F, Greece

Price for "what colors should I wear" online color analysis service

Your Location Price
If you live in Australia, or New Zealand

(includes postage, packing & GST)

If you live in Canada, UK, USA US$195

(includes postage & packing)

If you live anywhere else

(Please note your country's mail service may charge tax or import duty on your package and this is outside my control and payable by you)


(includes postage, packing & insurance)

How to order your online color analysis

To order contact me. I'll send you a PayPal payment request and the color questionnaire.

What Next?

Understanding "what colors should I wear?" is one of the most important steps to becoming stylish. Another fundamental step in the "6 steps to savvy style" is understanding what clothing styles suit your body shape best.

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