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Fall & Winter Fashion Trends 2017-18

Vogue's summary of the fall and winter fashion trends for this season include 13 elements. The trends that cross-check with other fashion reports are:

  • Space age silvery metallics -- in clothes and accessories. Look for smooth or textured surfaces. Shiny and sparkly is the key
  • Pantsuits -- mostly 80s-inspired oversized menswear looks in unusual colors or subtle pinstripes or checks. Intended for work or leisure wear. An oversized, jacket with large padded shoulders will nail this look
  • Head to toe red!
  • Fuzzy jackets and coats -- either the 70s shearling styles, or fuzzy pastel (or brighter) fir or faux fir
  • Ethnic and home crafted garments -- Colorful and textured. This look includes elements such as fringing, embroidery, and patchwork. Great if your personal style is boho!
  • Feather embelishments
  • Large floral patterns -- what's new here is the range of background colors and color depths (rather than just black or navy)

Also on the runways continuing trends include:

  • Increased volume in outfits
  • The main length is midi for skirts and dresses

The Main Fall & Winter Fashion Trends

So, am I seeing any of the above trends in stores at the moment? Interestingly, yes, I am! I'm seeing at least hints of the above almost everywhere I look!

In addition look out for velvet and a return of corduroy. Big sleeves, ruffles, turtle necks and other high necklines and some exposed shoulder styles are also still available.

Below are suggestions for trend ideas to try. Choose one or more item that you love and ignore the rest. Use new items combined with things already in your wardrobe to create new looks. You only need to add a few new trend items to make your wardrobe feel like new.

The fall & winter silver trend

Even if you're not game to try a shiny silver dress or skirt, think about adding some shiny silver shoes, or another accessory.

If your coloring is warm, or you don't like silver, skip this trend! There are other, more colorful shiny fabric options around, such as satin blush pink.

If shiny isn't your thing, substitute grey for silver.

A crush on velvet

Velvet really is widely available this season, in all clothing items, and a wide variety of colors. Be aware that velvet can make you look heavy, so do take care where you wear it. If you're at all worried about this try velvet in a bag or footwear.

Floral blooms

For your most flattering floral make sure the scale of the pattern isn't too large (or too small) for your body scale. Ideally at least one color within the pattern will be similar to your hair color. Or try and choose a background color depth similar to your hair color.

Seeing red!

For most of us wearing red head-to-toe will simply be too much! Play with this trend by choosing smaller amounts of red, for example: one red clothing item per outfit; red shoes or other accessories; or red as part of a pattern. If you prefer a less stand-out color choose burgundy or one of the berry tones.

Ethnic and home-crafted-looks

Unless your style is creative boho with a large dash of flamboyant, to try this look simply pick 1 (or perhaps 2) elements, such as: patchwork fabrics; home-spun knits; ethnic patterns and shapes; beading; fringing; colorful prints; or more delicate folk-inspired looks.

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