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autumn coloring

by Kay Schmidt
(S. Colorado, USA)

It's good to use texture to add balance to your silhouette. And for those with summer and autumn coloring (in particular) to add interest to your outfit.

I love my autumn coloring and the clothes it lets me wear: range of orange-salmon-bittersweet. The warm browns, the military khaki and desert camouflage, the yellows and golds, the green-greens. Some catalogs still insist several of these are men's colours -- sillies!

Not dull at all, though people who want me to look serious beg me to wear less orange -- sissies!

Many more people can wear the black and blues, greys. And I enjoy looking at others wearing the colors I can't.

I used to buy green whenever I saw it in stores. Years ago there were only a few colors for sale in any season, and winter was hopeless for me. Frustration that now is healed, I think, by smarter manufacturers and buyers.

I'm looking forward to some day finding and being able to pay for a tweed or heather mixture that uses the fall colours outside just now: soft creams, browns, fawn, quiet orange, gold of leaves, some browned greens.

With a turquoise blue sky outside for a punch of not-boring. I already have that ring, so that bit's solved.

Thanks for hosting this site!

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